Lent on the Small Screen: Watch Movies Based on All Four Gospels (and Win One, Too!)

We’re in the middle of Lent right now, a time of year when many Christians try to be especially mindful of Jesus and the incredible sacrifice He made for us. Its 40-day duration is meant to remind us of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. We give things up for Lent as a form of fasting. The whole season, if we observe it, is meant to bring us closer to God.

Little wonder that so many Christian filmmakers release their movies during Lent. We Christians are more apt to trek down to the local theater to see, say, Risen in the weeks preceding Easter than, say, the Fourth of July. Or so the thinking goes. And they’re probably right.

But if we really want to do movie-watching right during Lent, seems like it’d be great to watch films based right on the Gospels themselves—a rarity even in the Christian moviemaking world. What would it look like to watch films based on each of the Gospels? Could you actually watch movies of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Sure can, and you can do it for free, too. Or nearly so. In fact, you can watch three of the four right here. And as for the fourth—the just-released DVD of The Gospel of Mark, courtesy Lionsgate—we’re giving away a copy of it!

To enter, just send me a tweet (@AsayPaul) or post a note on Facebook and tell me about what Lent means to you. Do you typically give up something for Lent? What? What helps make you more mindful of Easter? Let me know, and I’ll send you a DVD of The Gospel of Mark right to your very own home, hopefully arriving before Easter. (I’ll make my official selection and let the winner know early next week.)

In the meantime, let’s look at four movies that report to be word-for-word translations of the Gospels themselves (or nearly so) and how you can watch them.

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