Stephen King: ‘Faith Makes it Possible to Battle the Monsters’

Stephen King and I go way back. I think IT was actually the first book of his that I read, way back in high school, and for years I kept coming back for more.

But I didn’t keep reading King solely because of the scares . What drew me in, more than anything, was often his insistence that good and evil were quite tangible. And that we were called to choose one side or another.

That thread holds true in most of my favorite books by King: The Stand. The Dark Tower series. Needful Things. The Shining. IT. They featured “cosmic powers over this present darkness,” and suggested that the choices we made in this world had consequences . They were and are, in their own misshapen ways, morality plays.

I’ve written about the spiritual echoes and themes found in King’s work here and elsewhere. And as such, I found this promotional clip pretty interesting.

Now, I know that lots of Christians would never consider reading a book by Stephen King or watching a movie based on one of his books, and that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll sleep better at night than I did after seeing IT. But still, the author may point his fans to a certain spiritual reality–that good and evil are a real thing, and that it takes courage and conviction to choose the right side–more urgently than many a church.

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