What Went Wrong With Justice League (and How to Fix It)

I feel kind of sorry for D.C.

We know the folks behind Justice League meant well. It’s in their best interest to create a strong franchise. I’d assume they love and respect D.C.’s pantheon of superheroes as much as we do. And it’s not as if Justice League was a total disaster. It corrected some of the mistakes from the past, and let’s face it: We superhero movie fans have gotten a little spoiled.

But in the end, Justice League feels a little like that kid from middle school who really, really wants to be liked, and winds up being just annoying.

So what went wrong? More importantly, what can be done to make it right?

I have some thoughts. And I think they all come down to one important truth that Superman himself might offer: Character counts. (Caution: Minor spoilers ahead.)

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