Long have Sacred wells been associated with miraculous acts, dreaming, prophecy and even cursing, however one of the most well known things that a sacred well is associated with is healing. Read more

I started researching grottos, how to make one, where to purchase one and as it turns out they were either really complicated or really, really expensive. I knew there had to be a better way. Read more

Moon water is probably one of the most made and used magical water in paganism, witchcraft and the magical community today. I thought it would be fun to share some Moon Water Recipes and what to use them for. Read more

I was feeling frozen, stuck in place, really focused on protecting my heart and not letting it feel all the pain going on right now. I knew that this needed to change and so I contemplated it for several days. Then it began to snow, and I watched the flakes come down and cover everything in a fine white powder. The next morning I was contemplating the state of having a frozen heart while watching the snow slowly melt. Slowly the sun crept across the landscape, thinning the snow and releasing a little steam from the shed roof. Read more

So I now find myself in a place of rebirth, still struggling to work out this new energy surrounding dance. I am learning how to reframe things, to look at dance through a different lens, to allow the ego to float in the wind like ash and to allow the spirits to guide me through dance. I do this from a place of ecstasy, self-love, and acceptance. Read more

Sand Dollars vary in different shapes, sizes, forms and design. Some being delicate and puffy others thin but small and some are in the classic circular shape. One thing they all have in common is the 5 pointed star! Which makes a perfect altar for the modern sea witch! This is a wonderful place to bring the energies of the sea together with the classic pentagram of witchcraft on the center of the water or sea witch altar, strongly imbuing the energies practiced there with Witchcraft of the ocean. Read more

For witches and pagan, Sabbats and other various holy days pertaining to particular paths are often the most important days of the year for us. Many of us often spend much time the days, even weeks before the sabbat preparing all the right ingredients and making sure the house is clean, ritual space swept and food prepared. This is especially true for a Coven Magister or Priestess. In some cases the preparation may have started a full year in advance when the Sabbats were planned and rituals written out, though this is not always the case. Read more

Right now much of our country is unsettled, afraid, angry and restless for many important reasons. We can make changes by working with water everywhere. Read more

For me in the past I have struggled with self-care, self-care can be anything from regularly brushing your hair and getting dressed to things like painting your toes, doing your nails, hiking, working out or sleeping. To me, self-care is being kind to myself, not allowing myself to fall into the abyss of my own thoughts, I use the mantra “I don’t have to fall into the abyss” quite regularly, and for those moments when I’m hanging on the edge… Read more

Horseshoe Crabs are some of the most amazing sea creatures we water witches have to work with. While they resemble a crustacean and are called crabs, they are actually part of the Chelicerata classification which is a subphylum of the Arthropoda family and are very close to arachnids. Their name “Chelicerata” means claw horn. They have segmented and jointed bodies and do have small pincher claws that are used to feed rather than defend. The Horseshoe crab is ancient; it… Read more

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