Mormon Women Bear

I will be making calendars of various bear Mormon women/females. I am doing this as a protest.

The Spirit of a Mormon Woman (bear) when Protecting Her Young

Mormon Woman Bear Bearing Baby Bear

Yes. It is controversial. But as Edmund Spenser said: “Be bold, be bold, be not too bold.” I am being boldly bold, but not boldly boldest.

Show your support for this protest against oppressive patriarchies by donating $20.00 to Heart of Africa

Studio C and Heart of Africa: The Miracles of Stacey Harkey and Mallory Everton
How Do We Overcome Prejudice?
Yes, I do believe that the Mormon Church's missionary program is among the solutions to Racism.
Invisible Women and The Winter's Tale
About Margaret Blair Young

Margaret Blair Young teaches literature and creative writing at Brigham Young University. For the past fifteen years, she has specialized in the history of blacks in the west, particularly black Mormons. She has written six novels and two short story collections, but has lately become interested in filmmaking. Her current endeavor is a film to be shot in Zambia called Heart of Africa (