Companions and other projects for the DR-Congo

Companions and other projects for the DR-Congo October 24, 2016

missionaries at cameroonBelow is the “Look Book” for “Companions”–a feature film, not a documentary.

The film is the first part of multiple projects which Bruce and I will be doing in the Congo as Fulbright scholars at the Universite Catholique Du Congo.  If  all goes as planned, we will be in Kinshasa next October and will stay for ten months.  We also plan on doing work in Lodje. Eventually, we will return to the DR-C as missionaries.

This is the basic plan:
1) Finish funding the film and shoot it before the Fulbright begins
2) Teach at the university and establish libraries in various locations, printing and binding the books THERE.  These books include picture books.  We will gather stories from the Congolese as the basis for many of the stories.3) Begin pilot programs for virtual education, using the TEACHUR model:

4)  Begin work on getting a cinema in Kinshasa, which can serve to show films and to be a gathering point for virtual education (online lectures)

5) Continue in all patience and faith doing whatever is good.

We note that universities there tend to have no books.  We are imaginatively thinking of ways to remedy that.  Suggestions are welcome!  We are also aware that women are often either not educated or removed early from the education system (such as it is).  We hope to take a step in resolving that situation.  Poor children have no guarantee of education.  We hope to begin something which will blossom in time.  Most important, we recognize that the Congolese people themselves must run these various projects.  COMMUNITY is vitally important.

We will only take a few baby steps, but hope for others to continue the efforts.

Here is the Look Book for “Companions.”COMPANIONS Lookbook.v2



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