Dr. King, President Lincoln, and Joseph Smith

Genesis 562

On June 27th, 1844, Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith, Jr. was assassinated.  He was, at the time, running for the presidency of the United States.  LDS missionaries, unaware of his death, carried his platform for weeks afterwards as part of their proselytizing efforts. The winner of the 1844 election was James Polk, a slaveholder who made gains in territory but gave a de facto nod to slavery. He was succeeded by yet another slave holder—Zachary Taylor, who survived only part of his term and wa … [Read more...]

Yucatec Maya Noun and Verb Morpho-Syntax

margaret and dell in Xocampeche

My father's doctoral dissertation is titled Yucatec Maya Noun and Verb Morpho-Syntax. I find that an impressive, even intimidating title, though I'm not sure what it means. I amazed my elementary school teachers when I told what my dad “did.”  Nothing common like doctor, lawyer, banker or accountant.  My dad was “an anthropological linguist.”  Picture me at age eight saying that. The typical response was, “Oh.”When I think of Dad working on his dissertation, I see myself romping around a sand … [Read more...]

Mike Crapo: The First Boy I Kissed

Mike doesn't remember it, I'm sure.  He was twelve years old.  I was eight.  I was hopelessly infatuated with him--as any eight year old girl would have been.  He was adorable. Picture this: dark hair styled like Paul McCartney's; grey-green eyes; tall and still verging the growth spurt that would make him a lean specimen of manhood any artist could use as a model for Peter the Apostle.He was my uncle George's best friend.  I was certainly perceived as a bratty kid--and a redhead at that, wit … [Read more...]