A Quiz for my Virtual Students

Quiz on King Follett and Pre-existence literature NAME:______________________________1: In the Gnostic poem “Hymn of the Pearl,” a young man is sent off by his ________ to pursue a quest: A) overseer B) father C) parents D) twin2: Who wrote these words: “If the image of a thing is imprinted on the memory, the thing itself must first have been present, for the image to be imprinted.” A) Boethius B) St. Augustine C) Joseph Smith D) Percy B. Shelley … [Read more...]

I Speak to Dead People

Part III of Caves, Cloisters and TemplesPart I is here. Part II is here.I am an ordinance worker in the Provo Temple. I get to work with young women, and sometimes older women, who are going through the temple for the first time. I explain to them the meaning of their garments, and promise that they will be protected if they wear them. (I consider this protection to be more spiritual than physical.) I also pronounce supernal blessings on the living who represent the dead.Two … [Read more...]

A Gift for my Readers

I recorded this story, one I made up and told to my son on a cabin porch, as a "perk" for donating to the Heart of Africa film. I offer it here as a gift and/or an invitation. Feel free to download it or listen to it (best done on a cabin porch). If you choose to donate to the film, we will happily accept that. Donations are tax deductible. See the link above.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPjl5hXdP_c … [Read more...]

Tamu Thomas-Smith: Speaker for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

She was raised by her grandmother, Susie Mae Young Thomas, who was a civil rights leader. She grew up knowing Susie's history--of being denied classes other than those in domestic service, and knowing that a "sea of brown"--Hispanics, blacks, others who knew prejudice far too well--finally protested in favor of Susie and the others who were determined not to be held back.She raised her five sisters as well as the children she and her husband had.She portrayed Jane Manning James for a … [Read more...]

Blind Man Given Sight

In 1979, I was living with my first husband in Royal Oak, Michigan. I was expecting a child, a girl, and I loved the bigness of my body.I see my daughter now from an entirely different perspective, of course. I see her down the years as my naked newborn; my smiling 2-month-old with hair like wispy dandelion seeds; my three-year-old whose family was breaking up and who didn't want to live so far from her daddy; my four-year-old who wore a white-tiered formal when I married Bruce Young; my … [Read more...]


In LDS literature, we are talking about the Mormon concept of the pre-existence, and then comparing some of Joseph Smith's revolutionary concepts with their romanticized versions depicted in Saturday's Warriors.We begin with the King Follett discourse, given at the funeral of a man who was crushed in a well. Joseph Smith chose to speak about the nature of God and pre-existent spirits "capable of enlargement." … [Read more...]

I Am Jane–music script

This is my invitation to everyone in Utah Valley to help us produce I am Jane at BYU during Black History Month. Below is the music script. To read the actual script, purchase Saints on Stage, edited by Mahonri Stewart. I am working on getting support from the theatre and music departments so that participants can get credit. Those in my Mormon Lit class can also meet requirements by helping with the production. If you don't know Jane's story, you NEED to help with this! … [Read more...]