What do I really believe happens when we die

I was invited to contribute to a feature at Patheos.com called  “What do I really believe…”  The subject in this first feature is the question, “What do I really believe happens when we die?”

It isn’t a trivial question, nor is it purely academic.  The way any story ends decisively shapes what we make of everything that led up to the end; and the same is true of life.  And, while we don’t know in one sense what will happen, nor does anyone know in detail (how could you?), like any other set of choices, what we believe happens when we die, makes a huge difference in the way we live.

Put another way: The end may not justify the means, but it certainly shapes our choice of means.

So, you will find my contribution at:


And the front page of the feature at:


Join the conversation.  It is important to know what you believe about the way your own story ends.

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