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The Meaning of Lent: An Ash Wednesday Rant

This year, more than any in the past, I have noticed a lot of nonsense about Lent.  The number of silly recommendations for its observance seems to have grown exponentially:Care for the poorGive up plastic bagsReduce your carbon footprint to zero Don’t misunderstand me.  I am not arguing that any of these things are not noble goals in and of themselves.  Caring for the poor is the obligation of any Christian, whether it is in political fashion or not (and not just in Lent) … [Read more...]

Spare Me….

     Spare me… The pink lightThe bald deceptionThe semblance of lifeThe undertaker’s brush Close the boxScatter the ashThrow the earthSay the words Ashes to ashesDust to dustIn sure and certain hope Requiescant in pace, David Mark Schmidt, M.D.October 17, 1955-January 21, 2013 … [Read more...]