Notes on “The Prodigal”

There isn’t just one prodigal in the parable of the prodigal son.

There are two.

  • One leaves home.
  • The other stays home.
  • The first can’t believe that God can love him.
  • The other believes that God can’t love him — without making sure that it’s the other son God doesn’t love.

Neither of them “gets” God….

  • God’s capacity for forgiveness
  • God’s capacity for love

We are inhabited by both prodigals…

Prodigal daughters — prodigal sons.

One dominates the other from time to time in our lives.

But they are both always there.

Which prodigal dominates your life right now?

Which God animates your faith and life?

  • The God who can’t love the prodigal who leaves home?


  • The God who always wants more from the prodigal who stays home? 

Whether you stay at home or leave, the road home begins in the arms of the God who forgives and loves beyond what we are able to imagine.


The art that appears here is the work of He Qi.  His virtual gallery can be found at:



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