Rick Riordan I Love You

Rick Riordan is the author of several YA series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (beginning with The Lightning Thief), The Kane Chronicles (beginning with The Red Pyramid), and the Heroes of Olympus (beginning with The Lost Hero).Dear Rick,Let me tell you why I’m professing love for a man not my husband in a public post.4 years ago, a week into summer vacation, my daughter trounced into the house with the CDs for your YA novel, The Lightning Thief, which had been assigned as summer r … [Read more...]

The Truth About Forever, and other Sarah Dessen novels

Last month my 13 year old asked me to read her favorite book The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and gave me a list of Dessen books she wanted for Christmas."That won't happen." I said."Why?????""Because you know I don't believe in buying books--order them from the library."So she did, and thus began our Sarah Dessen binge.  I have now read Sarah Dessen’s entire cannon of 10 YA books.  And I have to say I enjoyed the ride.I've heard it said that romance novels are women's … [Read more...]