Q’s for an Annual Review

Here are some questions to get you started on an annual review.  I’ve adapted them fromTheo Pauline Nestor, and tried to word them in a way that is flexible enough to apply to different life stages.  One suggestion: Once you start, push yourself to keep going all the way through.  This can be overwhelming, even when it’s encouraging.  It’s worth the effort to soldier on!

1.  What have you worked on this year for project/job/role #1?

2. If you have a second project/job/role, what have you worked on in that position?

3. How have you pushed yourself this year?  What risks have you taken?

4. What have you done in terms of professional (or personal) development this year?

5. How have you networked with others, inside or beyond your job/role?

6. How have you supported others who share your job/role?  When have you asked for support?

7.  What have you done to prevent burnout?  How have you celebrated your accomplishments?

8. What have you done to nurture your creativity?

9.  What have you done to promote your work/business?  (If applicable)

10.  What did you do to build your online presence this year? (If applicable)

11.  Did you make any tough choices or do anything truly scary to further your work?

12.  If you worked for free, did that work support another part of your life or career?

13.  Where did you go to support your work? Conferences, retreats?

14. What is your biggest accomplishment of the year?

15.  Where did you fall short of expectations this year?

16.  How much money did you earn? Is this up or down from last year?  How much money would you like to earn next year?

17.  What are your goals for your work for the coming year?

18.  What is one thing you can do today towards accomplishing these goals?

19.  What are some longer-term next steps that will move you toward these goals?

  • http://olderthanjesus.blogspot.com Alison Hodgson

    Thank you for posting this. I have had a long, hard year and am beating back the angst. I actually like that you generalized it, though Theo’s original check list was great for focusing on writing.

    The first question brought some perspective. My main project/job/role this year was rebuilding after a fire, which is really second to my constant project/job/role of mothering three kids.

    I was working hard (after years of flailing in and out of the fetal position) on a book proposal in the days before the fire and that fell aside in the aftermath. I know that this wasn’t self-sabotage, but there is the accompanying shame of the other resistance.

    Again, thank you for adapting and posting this.