The Downward Slide Continues

In addition to not baking my own bread or growing my own wheat, I have now become completely depraved as the newly-minted owner of an iPad 2. As I have not touched an Apple device since my roommate had a MacIntosh in college (more years ago than I want to admit, but the Internet HAD been created….barely), I need suggestions on what apps are utterly necessary for a mom and writer. I fully expect this device to run my life and make it complete, like the lives portrayed in a Pottery Barn catalog. Is that too much to ask?

What apps do I need?

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  • Heather

    I use my iPad apps to find bread recipes, CSAs in my area, and directions on sewing cloth snack pouches.

    Woopsie…are my hipster symptoms showing?

    • Rebecca Cusey

      What’s a CSA? Just for clarity?

      • Heather

        “CSA” stands for “community supported agriculture.” If you use an app like this: , you can find farms in your area (or farmer’s markets) that grow and deliver (typically) organically grown produce to customers in a given location. Ideal for people without access to garden space who want to eat fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, many of these farms offer work programs by which you can trade work on the farm for food.

        • Rebecca Cusey

          Ok. Thanks!

  • Nancy French

    “recorder” app is awesome if you are interviewing people, Rebecca. I used it for the first time yesterday. Oh, this is actually for the iPhone. But still, it’s awesome You can use it to record your phone conversations without any sort of external device.