iPad Meets Coke Dispenser

iPad Meets Coke Dispenser January 12, 2012

Okay, I know that Steve is encouraging us to take care of the homeless, Paul is telling us that we don’t have soul mates, and Rebecca is talking about Margaret Thatcher.

However, I had to interrupt these important message to tell you about the most awesome fast food development since McDonald’s started taking credit cards and Chick-Fil-A started using those enormous ketchup packets.

Last night at Wendy’s, I saw this new type of drink dispenser.  (Is this what people in larger cities have all the time?  I’d never come across one.)  It’s a spout with — essentially — an iPad above it.  So, there’s one spout with all kinds of possibilities.  For example, I clicked on Diet Dr. Pepper.  In most restaurants, you’re lucky if you can get that specific variation of Dr. Pepper.  But when I touched the Diet Dr. Pepper icon, it gave me even more options!

Would I like Diet Dr. Pepper Vanilla?  (Who knew?)  Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry?  Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry/Orange?

I am not making this up.

The Diet Coke icon brought me Diet Coke Lime, Orange, Cherry,  or Banana!  What?

My mind was reeling with the possibilities!

I’d never even heard of such combinations.  And I’m not even mentioning the decaffeinated versions of drinks.

There were people behind me, so I didn’t get to fully explore my options.  (What would happen if you chose Powerade?  How many flavors would be represented?  Ten?  But I did choose Fanta for my four year old, and there were so many choices I’ve never even dreamed of.

But wait, I thought.  Cynicism had taken hold of my heart.  If I get orange Fanta, will my Diet Dr. Pepper be flavored with the remnants of her orange drink?

I held my enthusiasm in check until I sat down and took a drink.

Great news! No orange contamination at all!

Can you believe what technology has given us?  Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla!

The only disadvantage I could imagine is not being able to simultaneously get a drink when another customer is at the other end of the dispenser.  (Is that bad etiquette anyway?  Like, if the other customer is getting Coke at one end, and you want to get the Hi-C on the other end?  Or is that considered pushy?)

None of the other customers were as thrilled with this machine and we were, so I thought I’d get your take.  Have you ever seen these new Coke machines, and are you a fan of the new technology?

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