Facebook Video Dad Posts Updates

And it makes me like him a whole lot more.

Does his rejection of publicity and profit, and his steady explaination of the situation make you feel better about him shooting his daughter’s laptop?

And isn’t it funny the dog ratted her out?

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  • John Hansen

    Such a sorry dad. He treats his daughter as if they were young siblings! Spys on her, and then uses the knowledge destructively instead of constructively. Uses words to damage her. Wonder where she learned all that bad language anyway? He may have lost her for good with his over-the-top, juvenile response to her juvenile post.

  • http://olderthanjesus.blogspot.com Alison Hodgson

    This actually made me reassess my former judgment. I still don’t think the video, in general, and shooting the laptop in particular, were good ideas, but I’m more hopeful about the relationship he has with his daughter.

    He wasn’t spying. The dog’s facebook account ratted her out. That cracked me up.

    I hope he stays firm about no interviews.

  • Ellen Davis

    Whether one agrees with the dad or not, perhaps this is a great lesson in avoiding judgements based on shallow and/or sensational media coverage. These kinds of stories never have any context and there is always more to them. Always.