Parenting in the Age of Facebook

Have y’all seen this video? This dad has some serious consequences for his smart mouth teen. It’s long….but there’s a huge payoff at the end.

Be aware: There is some profanity in the video, primarily from the teen in question.

What do you think? Too far or just right?

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  • Alison Hodgson

    Immediate and concrete consequences for inappropriate behavior are good.

    Shaming one’s child publicly, not so much. It seemed that his goal was to relieve and prove himself rather than teach or correct his daughter.

  • Jean Yih Kingston

    Agreed Alison!

    The daughter’s behavior was atrocious, but in my opinion, was matched by the Dad’s behavior. Yes – he showed her who’s boss, but at what expense? Matching hatred and humiliation with more hatred and humiliation? I wish the Dad acted like a parent and disciplined (educated) with love, not hate. I’ve read many comments and most seem to think the father is some sort of hero…but I beg to differ.

  • Dana Valk

    I was actually just discussing this video with my husband & parents last night over dinner. I’d seen a brief article on the internet about it, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to watch the entire 8+ minutes. Initialy, I applauded this frustrated father’s decision to engage his rebellious teen using the social medium that she probably knows best. I thought it was a smart way to send a clear message to his daughter about the consequences of her actions. But after viewing the video in its entirety, I have to agree with Jean. I actually came away more saddened than encouraged. I remember my teen years & my own angst. It’s highly probable that his choice to publicly berrate her using somewhat violent tactics was not well received. I can only imagine that this fueled her anger and widened the disconnect between them. I hope that they’ve had an opportunity since all of this has unfolded to speak privately and with love to each other in an effort to address the real issues that are causing discord in their family.