Beware the Cinnamon Challenge

Ever attempted a “food challenge”?  Are you amazed by those people who can down a hundred hot dogs?  I recall a group of my husband’s friends who were to eat as many donuts as possible in 60 seconds and the top score was…2!  Apparently, not as easy as it looked.

Presently,  there’s a cinnamon eating challenge that’s gone viral. People are attempting to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon and many are recording their efforts on YouTube.  Why you ask?  Well, I suppose it’s the challenge  – apparently it’s extremely difficult to accomplish and leads to hacking, clouds of cinnamon in the air, fits of laughter from those observing and has even resulted in hospitalizations.  All this for a few seconds of fame!  I know one of my daughters has a group of friends that try to eat spoonfuls of wasabi…and I must say, any food challenge where choking, pain and/or eye-watering is involved, is not for me.  Call me sensible, but I like to enjoy my food.

Here’s an article about this latest cinnamon eating craze.  If you find your youngsters digging through the spice cabinet, you might want to double check if they’re really attempting to make cinnamon buns, or if they’re up to no good!!