La Leche League Shames Dad for Feeding Kid


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  • Lisa Joy

    Last night, there was no link. Today, the link is broken; it keeps sending me back here. I really do want to read this article!

  • Jen P.

    Good grief! Dads deserve to bond with their babies as much as moms do – and as a mom who couldn’t breastfeed, I *really* appreciated the help.

  • Jackie F

    Jen P… AMEN!!! I didn’t produce any breastmilk for either of my children….. Sorry – I have broken parts!! But the way these people made me feel with my first child is a feeling I will NEVER forget. Ugh! I get so worked up when I read things like this (I haven’t even read the story, but I have friends that are what I call, “La Leche Natzi’s” & can only imagine).

    Breastfeedig doesn’t always work!! Some children are ADOPTED & never see their birth mother, much less bond over a boob…. Stop the madness & face the facts that if it weren’t for formula, some babies would starve. Get a grip & move on to a bigger problem than a dad feeding his infant.