Maker of Kony 2012 Video Has Naked Meltdown

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “What should I do today? What about getting completely naked and take a walk in broad daylight?”

So, I’m not sure what caused this, but the maker of the viral sensation of the Kony 2012 video (which Steve Haas wrote about last week) apparently had some sort of meltdown. According to eye witnesses (and a few unfortunate camera phone videos), Jason Russell was:

“spewing out f-bombs and screaming about the iPhone, its digital assistant, Siri, and the devil… pacing madly, cursing and pounding the sidewalk with both hands.”

His wife said the outburst was caused by dehydration and no drugs were involved.

Whatever the cause, how do you process stories like this? Are you devastated by the news and begin to rethink the person’s mission? Have you already lived too long to expect people to be any better? Are you disappointed? Compassionate? Simply glad it wasn’t you?

I think the way we answer this question says a lot about our opinion of ourselves and of God.

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  • Mary Kelso

    It makes me sad. This man, Jason Russell, is a victim of humanism, and even good humans don’t make good gods. Like so many with honorable passion, he has no compass beyond his own well placed opinion and when anything disrupts the flow of good in him, it reveals the nasty truth about flesh, humanity, deception and the absence of the one true God. It reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar and his years of insanity following attributing his success to himself alone.

    The Kony video asks no one to pray. Prayer can do so much more than a group of American soldiers in central Africa. I hope that through this undoubtedly humbling situation, Jason Russell allows his passions to find a greater resource than the US Government and compels others to pray first and share videos second. God knows exactly where Joseph Kony is.

  • Jackie F

    Wow. I’ve barely heard of the Kony thing & suddenly this guy is having a mental break down? Interesting. I think the answer for me is, yes. Yes, I am completely jaded. Yes, I am questioning this guy’s mission…. Really? Out in public? Nude in broad daylight? Um – yes…. I believe he was definitely seeking attention and some sort of public nod that he is still alive, since his video was here & then replaced by the girl who can’t articulate MPH.