Best Wishes

I recently learned through Facebook an old friend of mine from my elementary school days has cancer.Before her surgery last week, she posted,There is a time for every thing and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Time for you all to be praying! Thank you!The comments and “likes” came pouring in.  I’m sure this friend, a wife and mother, who looks gorgeous, vibrant and exactly the same as I remember her, is buoyed by the well wishes, outpouring of lov … [Read more...]

Father Knows Best?

Jeff and I sit together in the home office of Dr. Mark, the social worker who sees our son, the son with anxiety, ADHD, and a few other letters that make life challenging, exciting, and sometimes funny. We are there to discuss Mark’s observations and suggestions.The game of Pick Up Stix is mentioned.  My son and Dr. Mark play at the end of each session, and Jeff remarks, “Yeah, Zach is remarkably good at that game!”“Are you kidding?!” I wonder to myself. “Have you never seen him play?  Wh … [Read more...]

Control Freak? Moi?

January! Time for hibernating: warm soups on the stove, scented candles flickering on the counter, movie watching, book reading, and calendar plotting.Calendar plotting?I am a self-admitted calendar nut. I love to buy new calendars, to choose the perfect desk calendar (I have to scribble all over my calendar--and I now have an annual steady!). And of course, I love a fun wall calendar for my office, a.k.a., the kitchen.In the quiet interval between the holidays and the onslaught of … [Read more...]

Can Men and Women be “Just Friends?”

The age old question answered in just one YouTube clip.  … [Read more...]

Reflections on Tiger Moms, a year later

Years ago, my Indian-American friend, the mother of a toddler, said she wanted her daughter to grow up knowing herself, her own desires and experiencing a secure identity rather than the foreboding that the only way she could ever succeed in life was to be a doctor.“Yeah. . .” I said, trying to sound healthy and wise.  Pause.  “But I also want my kids to be smart.”She laughed because she knew.She knew academic achievement was the #1 god in my family growing up.  OK, maybe Chinese ethn … [Read more...]

Pride goeth before a happy dance

I am ridiculously proud of myself for finishing The Art of Fielding.  It's an enormous novel, and not in a metaphysical/philosophical sort of way.  It's a big, heavy (500+ pages) book about baseball. I was not in an enormous novel/significant investment/let's talk sports kind of reading place when an author friend suggested I pick it up.  "Everyone on Twitter is reading it this week," she said.  Strangely, that motivated me.  I didn't even know who "everyone" was, but I'm a team player at heart, … [Read more...]

The God of Do-Overs

There's a haunting scene in the movie, The Pianist, where a woman sitting in a crowd of Jews about to be deported begins to wail.  Quietly at first, then louder, she says, "Why did I do it, why did I do it, why did I do it?" Over and over she mutters this phrase until, finally, an irritated bystander asks what it was she did that was worth carrying on like that.  He is told that when Nazi soldiers entered the woman's house and were close to discovering her family hidden in the walls of their h … [Read more...]

Dear Katy Perry, It’s Time to Come Home

An open letter to Katy Perry and others like her: We want you back.Dear Katy,I’m genuinely sorry for your sorrow as your husband Russell Brand filed for divorce last week. I’ll admit, the jaded, cynical part of me saw your relationship as a publicity merger. The better part of me, the small idealistic part, was rooting for you and your man. It still does for all celebrity marriages, despite frequent disappointment.I’m sure that you are experiencing heartbreak right now. The disso … [Read more...]