… is “men and women are equal — except for all the ways in which women are superior.” Carrie Lukas asks, is this the best way to raise our sons? Read more

Ezra, who is seven, was riding in the back seat of our car with a friend a few weeks back, and their discussion turned to God. He wanted to clarify things a bit, I guess, because he suggested the following:  “I have a good idea.  On the count of three, we’ll both shout out the name of our God.  Okay?” His friend nodded, and Ezra began to count.  “One….two….three!” The other boy shouted, “Je-,” but stopped short when he realized… Read more

It’s December! Time for the “I wannas” and the “gimmes” to start! To bring a more giving spirit to your home this Advent, consider Courtney DeFeo’s fabulous “Light ‘Em Up: Families Light Up the Community with Kindness!” idea on her blog, Lil Light O’ Mine. This looks like a great way to encourage those little hearts in your home to love others more . . .  while having lots of Christmas fun! Read more

“It’s so unfair, how come the Advent chocolate calendar doesn’t start on the first day of Advent?” one of my kids whined.  “And how come you’re too cheap to buy the Whole Foods calendar instead of the Trader Joes one?” Advent, the season of waiting for the coming of God, officially began this past Sunday on November 27th.  I’m thrilled because this year’s the longest Advent season possible with Christmas on a Sunday.  But my kids had to go chocolate-less… Read more

One of the BEST parts of my work is that I get to travel, meet new people, and encourage them.  Today I’m going south to help a group of women get up & running on their writing projects.  It’s a jazz hands/I love my life kind of day… Except that… I am a CHRONIC overpacker.  It’s serious.  I’m not one of those people who is super-decisive about clothes, and most of my trips include tons of unpredictables: weather, culture (things… Read more

Though the women on this blog are not professional book reviewers, we do enjoy reading, we value books, and  we want to be able to tell the world when a story really touched us.  (Or, less frequently, when one didn’t.)  Please join us as we tackle life, one page at a time… at our new “sister” blog to “What She Read!” Read more

We yearn for the rituals of the year, for tying our food to the season that produces it, for creating a home that is steeped in purpose and meaning. Read more

In addition to not baking my own bread or growing my own wheat, I have now become completely depraved as the newly-minted owner of an iPad 2. As I have not touched an Apple device since my roommate had a MacIntosh in college (more years ago than I want to admit, but the Internet HAD been created….barely), I need suggestions on what apps are utterly necessary for a mom and writer. I fully expect this device to run my life… Read more

Rebecca Cusey’s post yesterday about “The New Domesticity” is receiving some strong reactions.   I thought the piece was funny and thought-provoking, but many readers jumped in to defend themselves against what they saw as an attack on their choices.  What provoked the first somewhat controversial reaction on our sweet, little Mommy Blog? I think that the words “silliness” and “symptom” might have done it.  They seem to indicate that Rebecca is feeling judgmental toward the women we presume are… Read more

I’ve always been pretty careful not to use absolutes in my life — as in I’ll never eat another Chips Ahoy cookie again, or that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I even caution my kids against using absolutes, although that is the nature of being a kid: “You never take me anywhere! I’ll never understand how to do this math problem! You always say that.” There are, however, two things I’ve said I’d never do: put my work email on my smart… Read more

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