Beyond the Mommy-Wars Bumpersticker: The Many Shades of Mommies

I have never met a woman who has “never worked a day in her life.”But here are women I do know: A mom with a high-powered job and a husband with a high-powered job who works her Blackberry like a crazy person while driving her sons to soccer, plays, and school events. Always tired, usually happy. A mom who trained as a lawyer and regrets the school debt that keeps her in the office and out of her home. A mom who married while still in college, had her first child immediately, teaches mus … [Read more...]

Hmm… That wasn’t the Plan

Just for fun. Sometimes things don't go as planned. But at least there's YouTube to spread the joy.Mr. McFeely's Purple Panda Scares the Bejesus out of Kids … [Read more...]

Atheist Activism, Christian Compassion, and the Power of God

Recently Nancy French highlighted a story about Christians in Texas who raised money for atheist activist Patrick Greene, to help cover expenses while he was going through extensive eye treatment.You may remember that earlier this year, Greene was part of a fight against a Nativity scene that had been set up outside the courthouse in the town of Athens, Texas, and he had even threatened to file a lawsuit over it.  Malakoff News reported in February that: Greene has a history of activism … [Read more...]

Trayvon Martin Could Not Be My Son

My friend Cameron has been unrelenting in Facebook posts about Trayvon Martin. He's really mad.  Incensed, actually.  Bereft, I think, but he doesn't say so. Sometimes, after reading a particularly indignant post, I worry about his emotional state.Then, a little while later, I worry about my own because I feel so little of what he feels.Don't get me wrong, I was outraged when I learned how Trayvon died and that the shooter was not charged.  I feel sick for his parents.  Ocassionally, I ev … [Read more...]

A Life Well Lived

My former pastor had an unusual Mother's Day tradition. Every year as he prepared his Mother's Day sermon, he would call Dr. Leila Denmark, the oldest known practicing pediatrician in the country, and ask if she would give advice to the mothers in our congregation. I believe she told us to love our children well . . . and maybe not to feed them too much sugar (something she did not eat and she lived to be 114!).So it was with sadness that I learned of her passing last week. The world lost a … [Read more...]

This is How Tim Tebow Does Easter

When ten thousand people showed up to hear him speak. … [Read more...]

Fairest of Them All

Julia Roberts. In college I loved her chick flicks. Pretty Woman. Steel Magnolias.So it felt a little odd to take my daughters to see a Julia Roberts flick. It was even stranger to realize that in Mirror, Mirror, a comic take on Snow White, Julia is, um, not the Pretty Woman. Yes, she is still beautiful, but she plays the aging beauty—the stepmother who is losing her powers. And, oh yeah, she’s just a little bit older than me.Ouch.I admit as a child I was not much of a critical rea … [Read more...]

Washing Fungus Feet: A Maunday Thursday Reflection

I knew Scott was going to wash my feet when he proposed because his good friend had done the same.  So I brought along 3 bars of LL Bean soap, the first presents Scott ever gave me (for Christmas when we weren’t even dating—I had that horrible “I didn’t get you a present because I didn’t want to presume our relationship is actually going to happen” reaction).  We washed each other’s feet with LL Bean lily-of-the-valley scented soap as a symbol of how we wanted to serve one another in our marriage … [Read more...]