Do It Anyway

Over the years, we've struggled to make family devotions a regular part of our life.  So many things got in our way.  First and foremost was the fact that our family has children in it. Children who drove me crazy whenever we sat down to read the Bible or pray.  They would burp their answers to questions about Moses, or interrupt someone's contrite prayer to suggest a more heinous offense that should be confessed, or generally wiggle, whine, and complain about how much they wanted to go outside t … [Read more...]

Conquering Math One Video at a Time

Math has been my enemy. You wouldn't think so because Baba’s a physicist with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and Mama was a physics major and computer programmer way back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.  But he did physics to please his father when he would have rather studied politics.  She was a Chinese immigrant who could speak the language of math and science when English was difficult.Mama often intoned, “Math and science is the way to make it in the world!  All my English and Polit … [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy of Oprah Magazine

Admission:  I like O magazine.I sneak it into my cart when Ian isn't looking.  I check it out at the library when he is, but under a pile of biographies.  When he discovers issues hidden under dirty laundry in the bathroom, he chides me:  Ames, if you want this, let's just get a subscription.But, of course, I can't admit that I want it.  In Reformed circles, Oprah is on par with Deepak Chopra...Feministic.  Edgy.  Man-hating.  Liberal.  Touchy-feely.   Do you blame me for shying aw … [Read more...]

An Old Artist in a New Way: Van Gogh on the iPad

In the future, maybe all learning will look like this.With the announcement that my children's school district is transitioning to online textbooks, I've wondered what the brave new frontier of learning may look like.If it looks anything like two fantastic iPad apps I've seen about the art of Vincent Van Gogh, the future is an exciting place.Flowers for Van Gogh, free from the app store until March 30, 2013, includes reproductions of Van Gogh's most famous flower paintings arranged … [Read more...]

3 Reasons I Work for Money

I'm joining the Patheos posts on the Mommy wars, including Rebecca Cusey's Beyond the Mommy-Wars Bumper Sticker,“Can you cut your trip short and come home?” came the woeful voice over the phone on the first day of my 3rd business trip this spring.“No, I can’t,” I said, “I’m sorry.”“But I NEED you,” said the child. “You’ve got to come home and discipline (sibling’s name)!”Enter a gazillion opportunities to feel guilty with even more judgments.Tina Fey writes in Bossy Pants, “T … [Read more...]

Siblings: They Are Worth Celebrating!

Did you realize that last week -- April 10 -- was "National Siblings Day"?  Chances are you missed it like I did.  I didn't hear about it until after the fact, partly because it's not a very well-publicized occasion... but it should be!  Siblings make life fun and meaningful, and help create countless memorable moments among families both young and old.So how did Siblings Day start? National Siblings Day is the brainchild of Claudia Evart, who thought up the day as a way for siblings to … [Read more...]

Godspeed Discovery, and Thank You

We need more of this, please.This morning, all the hustle and self-importance of Washington, DC ground to a halt. Worrying about the world’s problems slid to the back burner. North-Korea-healthcare-Syria-taxes-Afghanistan-Trayvon-Martin-GSA-Obama-Romney all just hushed for a minute.Instead, we looked upward. “Did you see it?” neighbor said to neighbor. “There it is!” squealed office worker to food vendor. Children and the aged, rich and poor, black, white, and other, tourist and local, lo … [Read more...]

What White Parents Can Tell Their Children About The Trayvon Martin Case

On Monday, I told you about how our kids responded to Trayvon Martin's death, choosing to take a picture in their hoodies.  Today, I'll share seven points we made with our kids as we talked about the case.  As a head's up, this is a long piece.  But as I tell my kids when we are talking about something important, "Sorry, guys, but Mommy's got a lot to say on this topic."1.  We all have negative prejudices based on things that aren't true. We may think that girls cannot be good at math.  Or th … [Read more...]