Recently Nancy French highlighted a story about Christians in Texas who raised money for atheist activist Patrick Greene, to help cover expenses while he was going through extensive eye treatment. You may remember that earlier this year, Greene was part of a fight against a Nativity scene that had been set up outside the courthouse in the town of Athens, Texas, and he had even threatened to file a lawsuit over it.  Malakoff News reported in February that: Greene has… Read more

My friend Cameron has been unrelenting in Facebook posts about Trayvon Martin. He’s really mad.  Incensed, actually.  Bereft, I think, but he doesn’t say so. Sometimes, after reading a particularly indignant post, I worry about his emotional state. Then, a little while later, I worry about my own because I feel so little of what he feels. Don’t get me wrong, I was outraged when I learned how Trayvon died and that the shooter was not charged.  I feel sick… Read more

“You keep on doing what you do best as long as you can. I enjoyed every minute of it for more than 70 years. If I could live it over again, I’d do exactly the same thing and marry the same man.” Read more

When ten thousand people showed up to hear him speak. Read more

Julia Roberts. In college I loved her chick flicks. Pretty Woman. Steel Magnolias. So it felt a little odd to take my daughters to see a Julia Roberts flick. It was even stranger to realize that in Mirror, Mirror, a comic take on Snow White, Julia is, um, not the Pretty Woman. Yes, she is still beautiful, but she plays the aging beauty—the stepmother who is losing her powers. And, oh yeah, she’s just a little bit older than me…. Read more

I knew Scott was going to wash my feet when he proposed because his good friend had done the same.  So I brought along 3 bars of LL Bean soap, the first presents Scott ever gave me (for Christmas when we weren’t even dating—I had that horrible “I didn’t get you a present because I didn’t want to presume our relationship is actually going to happen” reaction).  We washed each other’s feet with LL Bean lily-of-the-valley scented soap as a… Read more

How should parents deal with the Easter bunny, fuzzy chicks, and the cross? Read more

I can’t count the number of times I have gone into one or another of my favorite thrift stores in search of something and, despite a mountain of junk, found it. One time we were invited to a black tie cancer research fundraiser and I had nothing formal to wear, nor did I want to spend hundreds of dollars on something I would wear for only one night.  As I walked into our ARC thrift store, I silently prayed, “Okay,… Read more

Head on over to our sister site – What She Read – for a book giveaway every day this week. Read more

My third child, a son, has a diagnosis looming in his future. We carried him out of a Russian orphanage nine months ago. He just turned two and is delayed. We have been immersed in the strange underworld of therapy. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, speech therapy – It’s a creative world where everyone has ideas, many disagree, no one has answers. Lots of trial. Lots of error. It’s a grand experiment. Everyone keeps telling me early intervention is… Read more

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