Dying With Heat and Cold

Here’s the talk I gave June 27th in Omaha. It starts with an expanded version of the story I told a couple posts back about the guy who saved his daughter’s life during the recent tornado in Mentor, MN.

The talk starts at about 4:45 so you can go to the place without announcements if you wish.


Practicing Through Snow and Cold (or Whatever Afflictions May Visit)
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08439239379462492311 Larry Anderson

    Hey Wild Fox Mike,I've enjoyed your Dharma talks as well as your book. You've come a long way since our writing classes with Natalie! No need to tell you to keep writing………you will.Here's a poem that may be related to your topic "Dying With Heat and Cold." Though it's about the "Good Life," living and dying are pretty much the same process:THE GOOD LIFE(between Fire and Ice)Crunching over the snowcrusted ice covered pondI arrive at my cedar hut.The cold sun setting orangethrough the bare west woodssinks fast below zero.A huge white moon silentand almost full rises slowabove bare trees east.Within this hut myfrosty breath billowsfogging my glasses.I light two oil lampsflames glowing goldenthrough the clear glass.Ice in the tea kettleice in the sauce panall far below frozen.Within the woodstoveonly dead gray ashesa week cold and lonely.Tearing strips of birch barkand stuffing dry kindlingI light the first fire.Sun captured in seasoned elmand now set free warmsthe stinging cold cast ironAnd this lone furry-faced oneright through thick metal.Puffing smell of wood smokeThe old roaring rusty dragonbreathes back the bitter biteto outside the hut walls.Now sitting toasty warmand sipping hot coffee.Ahhhh! This is the Good Life!This crackling wood fireand trees popping outsidethis starry frozen night.By: Larry L. AndersonCoyote Dreams-2009

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04878684373898294730 Dosho Port

    Thanks, Larry, and thanks for the poem. You brought me right there with you!Dosho (aka, Mike)