Give to the Max Day is Tuesday, Nov. 16

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Once a year I hold out the begging bowl and do a little dance for rain. Given how tight things are for many of us and the huge suffering in the world, I’m struggling with the act of begging for Wild Fox Zen this year. This line from one of the meal gathas has been coming up:

“We reflect on our virtue and practice and whether we are worthy of this offering.”

Frankly, I don’t think that I deserve the many gifts that have come my way this far this life and can’t see how or why they keep coming. It’s a mystery.
All the same, even though we keep things really simple, Wild Fox Zen does have expenses. This past year, I’ve shifted focus away from online practice periods and more towards
  • my own koan introspection training 
  • writing a book about how Zen can contribute to saving the world 
  • and local group development

My intention is to do what I can to make awakening practice available here now and for the helpless ones in the future. 

If you do find it in your heart and budget to make a donation, I’ll do my utmost to make good use of it.
Tuesday, November 16, is the Give to the Max Day. If you give to Wild Fox Zen on Tuesday, then you might be randomly chosen to have $1,000 automatically go to Wild Fox Zen. That’d be fun, eh?

Wild Fox Zen is a 501C3 nonprofit so donations are tax deductible.

With gratitude,


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