Another Odd Day in Minnesota

The above (~1984 at Hokyoji) was from a practice period 4 or 9 day – we were free of commitments. Nonin was off to do so bird watching. Roshi wanted to go for a walk and needed a hat to shade his bald head so I found these – mine so he didn’t seem odd. “Really, Roshi, everyone is wearing them.”

An odd factor today was the strong storm that ripped up the north metro. It doesn’t seem that there were any personal injuries but many trees are down and lots of buildings damaged (later correction: one person died and a couple dozen sustained injuries).

Finally, you can find odd dharma talks by the odd Dosho over at the norm – Sweeping Zen. There’s a collection from my travels during the last year. Click here.

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  • susan

    someone call the fashion police!

  • Larry

    Older people and people of Zen dress funny, and have no shame.

  • Larry Anderson

    Hey Wild Fox!The good, the bad and the ugly……not necessarily in that order.Lars!

  • Larry Anderson

    Hi again…….I really like this photo, and always enjoyed seeing Hojo-san in less formal settings. Seeing the three of you in a happy-go-lucky sort of pose reminds me of old pictures of Han-shan and Shih-te or Ryokan. A spirit of the happy, liberated and wise fool which I find endearing and inspiring.Lars!