Good Decisions Come From Experience…

…and experience comes from bad decisions – that’s the small print under “Decisions” in the poster above. 

Timely for me because I’ve been mulling a biggish opportunity and even after all these years of Zen practice, I tend to do the process that I’ve done for years. 

Namely, getting stuck in my capacity to come up with equally good reasons for both “yes” and “no.”

And as an old chess player, I try to see four or five moves out. Life, however, is infinitely more complex and less predictable than chess so swirling around in all of that has limited utility.

In the midst of it, a good friend reminded me to take one step at a time.

Oh, yeah! Forgot about that for a while there.

Anyway, the worst-case scenario is that whatever I choose will look like a bad decision down the road and then it might be the basis for a good decision.

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