Realize Eternity … through Blogging, Twitter, and Facebook?

“By the end of this year there will be a billion people on this planet that actively use social networking sites. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re going to die.” 

So begins Adam Ostrow’s fleeting TED talk. 

One implication of where the technology’s going: the more you put out there, the more accurate will be your post-mortem, computer generated blog simulation. Imagine, Wild Fox Zen and Monkey Mind, etc., off-gassing for eternity!

The holographic everybody is also not so far off. A computer generated, three-dimensional representation that will be able to predict our reaction to events in the future, based on our thousands of entries on Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook, showing up in “real time.”

Dead people might be attending family functions, giving dharma talks … oh, and how about this – even ordaining living people as priests – all from the grave.

Oh, the possibilities! Dogen-zenji might show up at the local Zen Center for a talk – the Shobogenzo and Eiheikoroku oughta be enough data to simulate something! Or how about, this on a marquee: 

“This Sunday at the Everything is Beautiful Zen Center, Shakyamuni Buddha meets Hakuin.”

Ok. I’ve had too much coffee this morning and better go grocery shopping in a unsimulated manner. 

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  • Desiree

    If such a thing does come to pass, I imagine there may be different technologies to make a "simulation". Pondering if there would be debates as to which simulation is the true one. Much like how paitings would be analyzed to determine the autenticity of the proclaimed master painter… if there were no materials that could be used to date the object. How would the simulations be verified?

  • David Clark

    In the wake of Photoshop, no photograph is reliable evidence, in the wake of motion capture (al a the new Planet of the Apes film), no film will be reliable evidence. Anyone can and will be faked to say and do anything. The future paradigm will be "Never believe anyone you can't smell."I suppose smell-o-vision will be next.David Clark

  • Dosho Port

    Ironically, I pushed the wrong button and deleted the following comment from my old friend Lar. The little things are too close together on iPad for my fingers. So I've copy/pasted it below. Thanks for the comment, Lars. Larry Anderson has left a new comment on your post "Realize Eternity … through Blogging, Twitter, an…":Hi Wild Fox-san,I'm not really so sure whether this will be a good thing or not. It's all very intriguing and really fires up my imagination with so many possibilities, but it may just be increasing the power of Maya exponentially. Basically, Life could become a lot more confusing and complicated than it already is! So many of our technological "solutions" have eventually created more problems than they solve. Sort of the Hydra Monster scenario.This may be our computer generated, cyber-version of the Tower of Babel, a post-modern attempt to reach Heaven, and some kind of God-like control, omniscience, omnipotence and Immortality. And of course, it will certainly fail that, as we know, and as the Buddha would be the first to point out.The subject of holograms reminds me of a talk Alan Watts gave not long before he died, entitled THE MORE IT CHANGES. It was filmed at the time by his son Mark and can be seen on YouTube. It's included with a talk entitled TIME in 6 parts. THE MORE IT CHANGES starts a little way into part 3. It consists of 3 "philosophical fantasies" and is profoundly entertaining. Keep in mind these talks were given about 1970 and without a script! What can I say? I still love the man and what he had to say. In spite of all, he was a Bodhisattva!Time for some shut-eye,Your Buddy in Buddha,Lars!