A Thanksgiving Offering: What is the Heart of Zazen?

Not destroying false views.

For shikantaza or koan zen, that says it all, imv. There’s a perfect circle hidden in the swirl of views.

The line is from the Suramgamasamadhisutra: The Concentration of Heroic Progress, p. 176. I pulled this sutra off the bookshelf after it came up in our Dogen study group.

Sometimes translated as the Heroic March Samadhi Sutra, it is regarded as a meditation manual and has been highly valued in the Zen/Chan tradition.


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  • Harry

    Hi Dosho,

    Nice, but I’ve almost given up on Zen I’m not afraid to say. If I stop moving my head does the swirling stop?

    Turning or being turned, or turning being turned or… but there I go again. Silly swirly me.