Upcoming Travel to Ann Arbor

That’s me and Haju Sunin at the Ann Arbor Buddhist Temple a few years back. Somehow they’ve decided to invite me back and so I’ll be there for a workshop on Saturday, October 26, 9am-3pm, and then on the following day for their Sunday dharma talk at 10am :

Giving, Kind Speech, Beneficial-Action, and Identity-Action: A Bodhisattva’s Four Methods of Guidance

In this workshop, we’ll focus on cultivating virtue, an essential – and often overlooked – aspect of the dharma path. In addition to utilizing primary sources especially from Korea and Japan, we will work playfully together with practices for each of the four methods. Participants will leave the workshop with personal insight about their practice of virtue and immediate next steps for ongoing training.

Bringing Forth the Great Earth’s Goldenness: How To Do It?

In this talk, we will examine the personal and social implications of Zen realization, digging into the question, “Zen practice, what is it good for?”

For more information, click here (see special events) or contact them at annarbor@zenbuddhisttemple.org

If you’re in the neighborhood, please do come on by.

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