Great Tides Zen Launch – We Invite You to Join the Fun

We are raising money to launch Great Tides Zen in Portland, ME, in July of 2104.

With a contemporary perspective and old-school rigor, Great Tides Zen is dedicated to supporting the realization and actualization of the great matter of life and death.

Training at Great Tides Zen will offer a unique blend of koan-introspection, earnest-vivid zazen, Dogen and Zen studies, with strong support to engage the world through our practice – all within the synergistic mix of online and in-person work. We aspire to develop an energizing and inventive training center that will be creative, edgy and fun.

Generous donors have already given $1000 – unsolicited. Our goal now is to raise $9,000 between May 1 and May 30th for rent, zafus/zabutons, and communications.May 30th is the memorial day for our namesake, Daicho Roshi (Katagiri Roshi’s teacher), whose name means “Great Tides.”

There are three ways to help. One is to donate at (click here). The second is to place a bid for a piece of Nonin Chowaney’s powerful Zen calligraphy (click here). The third way to help is to like and share this page at Facebook or other social networking sites.

Btw, donations are also coming in through PayPal so you’ll see on the right sidebar of the site the first name of recent donors – “Dosho” comes up when I channel the funds back to Fundraiser.

For more information about us and our training program, see

Please engage in this wonderful practice through giving and receiving,



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