Great Tides Zen Fundraiser Wrap Up

So far we’ve raised $8343 for the Great Tides Zen launch.

We declare this fundraiser a complete, wonderful, 100% success! Pretty darn good, even, for a new little start up.

Our goal, you may remember, was to raise $10,000 and we raised 83.43% of that. So what’s this about a 100% success?

For this we rely on Dogen, of course, who declared in his piece on Kannon, “When what should be presented is presented, someone expressing eighty or ninety percent should be regarded as someone who has expressed 100%.”

Clearly, together we presented what was presented and so we did it – 100%!

We’ll leave Minnesota soon and will move into our new home in Portland, ME, July 1. The picture, btw, is the view from the Eastern Promenade of Casco Bay in Portland, ME.

Once we unpack a few boxes, we’ll find a place for daily practice.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Dang, I wish I’d donated before the fundraising was over!”

No need to beat yourself up about it – you are welcome to go to PayPal (our account is and help support this new training center. Thank you.

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