Nebraska, Bhutan, and the Hereandnow

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Greetings to those of you who follow the Wild Fox Zen Blog. Or used to – it’s been quite a while since I posted.

Here’s a quick update.

At the end of June, 2016, we left Portland, ME, and moved to Omaha, NE, to assume leadership of the Nebraska Zen Center. The transition was really tough, especially for the first six-weeks or so after landing. It was even questionable for a while if we’d stay.

But we did.

And now we’ve taken some big steps toword reinvigorating the practice here. September was a strong month for us – we started morning zazen, Sunday Open Zen, Introductory Workshops, and held our first class, inspired by James Myoun Ford Roshi’s book, If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break, that included a much appreciated guest appearance by James via Skype.

Later this year, we will have a five-day Rohatsu sesshin (December 6-11), a class on Great Doubt (the theme for our current practice period on the Vine of Obstacles: Online Support for Zen Training), and a lot of zazen. You can keep up-to-date with our activities at the Nebraska Zen Center at the website (click here). You can follow us on Facebook (click here) and you can now listen to dharma talks from NZC by clicking here for iTunes (Android users click here).

14364796_1020857044702862_6209649713358714797_nIn a couple days, I head out for a seventeen-day trip to Bhutan. I’ll be co-teaching at a retreat, “Cultivating Dharma in Relationships, Caring for the Planet, Altruism and Intention,” at Lhodrak Kharchu Monastery with Judy Lief, Matthieu Ricard, and Lama Thupten. You can read about that here. I hope to post updates on my Facebook page, and for some of the trip our guides say we’ll have wi-fi, so if you’re so inclined, you can follow that here.

There is more that I’d like to share here about Zen practice now, our experiment to revitalize the way of awakening in the global culture in the 21st Century. And I hope to get back to that when I return from Bhutan.

For now, there’s work to do getting ready to go.

Best wishes to you all in your travels through life and death on our wonderful little planet in the days ahead,


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