Worth Celebrating

Where does the time go? Wasn’t it only yesterday that we heard about a new web presence called Patheos?  And now Patheos is celebrating five years of delicious religious conversation.  I’ve loved sharing Patheos with my friends at Interfaith Partners of S.C.  Our Wild Garden Pagan interfaith column has been the icing on this birthday cake.  Congratulations, Patheos! – Holli Emore

It was late in 2010 when I first heard of Patheos, and since then I’ve been an avid reader.  More recently, I’ve been honored to actually produce content that, I hope, makes the site that much more engaging and interesting to its readers.  Writing is hard, and writing about religion is even harder, but for the last five years, Patheos authors have been sharing some of the best stories about religion you’re going to find and from such a broad range of religions, theologies, and points-of-view!  No one else can do it like Patheos does it and I look forward to being a part of its next five years! – David Dashifen Kees

Congrats, Patheos, for going 5 years strong!  May we continue the good work of getting the word out there! – Drea Parker





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Holli Emore is the founder and priestess of Osireion (www.osireion.com) and Executive Director of Cherry Hill Seminary (www.cherryhillseminary.org), where she previously served as Chair for the Board of Directors. Committed to building interfaith relationships, Holli is a member of the board of directors for the Interfaith Partners of South Carolina. Holli often teaches public groups about the rapidly-growing NeoPagan religions, and has served as a regional resource for law enforcement and victim services since 2004. Holli is the co-founder of the original Pagan Round Table (www.paganroundtable.org). Osireion is a Pagan tradition which draws its inspiration from the religions of ancient Egypt. You may find Holli’s 2012 book, Pool of Lotus, on Amazon or Lulu.