10 in 2010: A Retrospective

For the past decade people have been dreaming about a North American festival that celebrates uncommon ground in justice, spirituality, and the arts. In 2011, the Wild Goose Festival will take place. But 2010 has proven to be a pivotal year of bringing this dream into reality. What follows are the Top 10 Wild Goose developments of 2010:

10.) We picked our site in Shakori Hills in North Carolina

9.) We committed to providing local flavors via local vendors

8.) We put together a board & festival committees featuring some of the most talented, insightful people committed to a work on social justice, conversations, music, performance and storytelling, inter-faith dialogue, environment and activities for kids.

7.) We chose Gareth Higgins to be our Executive Director, much to our delight.

6.) We’ve been building vibrant online communities via Facebook and Twitter

5.) We put tickets on sale

4.) We’re becoming not just a place for individuals to come and discover nationwide community, but an inviting place for families as well

3.) We committed to making hospitality to people from diverse backgrounds a priority

2.) We committed to becoming a safe space for dangerous conversations

1.) And just this month, we confirmed that the extraordinary musician and producer T-Bone Burnett will be part of the festival.  Yes. You read that right. More on this soon…

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets already! Happy 2011, see you in June!

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