Friends of the Goose

Carl McColman is a friend of Wild Goose. Just this week he posted: Like Greenbelt, Wild Goose will be a time for exploring the nexus between faith, art, and politics. Themes such as social justice, care for the environment, and community building will be woven together with inspirational music, art, and lectures, presenting a variety [Read More…]

10 in 2010: A Retrospective

For the past decade people have been dreaming about a North American festival that celebrates uncommon ground in justice, spirituality, and the arts. In 2011, the Wild Goose Festival will take place. But 2010 has proven to be a pivotal year of bringing this dream into reality. What follows are the Top 10 Wild Goose [Read More…]

Behind the Mask of the American Prison System: Erin Parish & Steve Pavey

Wild Goose exists at the intersection of justice and spirituality, and we’re opening spaces for reflection and action around key questions of the common good.  Our first festival will have a specific emphasis on the criminal justice system itself.  Erin Parish and Steve Pavey introduce this theme: When we think about social justice issues that matter, how [Read More…]