You Don’t Own God

I had the chance to listen to three people debate on God.  One believed strongly that his God was this way, and the other believed his God saw things another way, and then another gentlemen threw in the mix, “I don’t believe in God,”  that is when I laughed.  It came like a flash, “you [Read More…]

The Law of Heart Attraction

At some point in our life, we will be asked to look at ourselves. Some of you may be with that now, some of you may have no interest, and some of you will come across this later on. Where ever you are now is exactly where you should be.  Every one will find a [Read More…]

Flowers Speak

This planet is alive, and so all life is wisdom.   Today take some time to be with nature.  What ever you choose, whether it is a flower, tree, plant, or rock, sit with it.  Just be with it. No words. No where to go. Simply be with it.   For example if you are [Read More…]

Heart Mentoring

I have taken this time away from writing the blog, as I spend much time in silence and mentoring work.  A lot of wonderfully profound things have shifted in my life.  First let me address the emails I have received from many of you regarding the work I do.  Many of you have asked and [Read More…]

Heart Talk Radio Candace Silvers 03/08 by Heart Talk0 | Blog Talk Radio

Heart Talk Radio Candace Silvers 03/08 by Heart Talk0 | Blog Talk Radio.   Come take a listen today. The show can be heard on your computer at the office or home.  We will talk about the power of the heart. [Read more…]

Sacred Union: Love and Lust

The core question that one can ask oneself is, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?” When the question is first posed to the self, images and ideas swarm around the mind about being “alone”. The word alone entails fear for many people and yet underneath the fear, like all fear is death. So [Read More…]

Single Dad’s Guide to raising a Daughter

I just started writing a column on my journey as a single Dad.  It runs in NEW EARTH DAILY and GOOD MAN’s FASHION. Here is the link: Single Dad’s Guide To Raising A Daughter [Read more…]

The Wedding and the Death

I am always thrilled to be a part of a wedding. Having married many couples, it is always fun to see the bride enter, smiling, elated, and thrilled of the adventure with their mate. Looking over and seeing their partner next to me, in awe, overwhelmed with emotions, and happy.  This wedding was special, it [Read More…]

The Parable of the Wealthy Man and the Poor Son

A POOR little boy ran away from his father when he was very young. He lived in another country for many years. He wandered about in all directions, seeking food and clothing. While wandering here and there, he happened to walk towards his home country. At that time his father stayed in a city of [Read More…]

The 22 Songs of Joy

The 22 Songs of Joy- read them, catch any reaction or quick judgment.  Then simply be with the sentence and contemplate. These sentences are not made for the mind.      Nothing is realized in one that is all. A light shines always. Sometimes the bugs come and it looks clouded.  If your attention is [Read More…]