Dear ones some of you are asking and praying about your purpose.  Where should you start? Start from your heart. Everything starts there. Everything manifests from there. Feel it and feel it strongly.  Sing about it, write about, draw from it, create, and dance from it. You will never go wrong my children.  Speak from [Read More…]

Romancing Love

Dear ones most of the time you have chosen to search for love  outside.  Romancing that one person or person who promises you the life you have always asked for. Then the romance fades and you begin to look for that something outside of the relationship. Then you find it and now you must cover [Read More…]


Dear Ones nature is the law. Look how nature gives you a gift everyday. Everyday you are given a sunset and sun rise. The seasons change, plants grow, and this season nature is giving you time to relax, reconnect, and bond with others. Storms are here to teach you that love and grace is found [Read More…]

The Story Of Love

Dear Ones, Christmas is upon us. Let me remind you that during this time of giving and receiving there is a simple message of love. Before you decided to come back into to human form and complete some promises you wanted manifested, you came from unconditional love. Pure love. Now in human form you are [Read More…]


Dear ones Christmas is a much anticipated time for the world.  As described around the world as a day of peace.  Some dread Christmas and holidays, and some are very excited to share.  As a child most of you were excited for this day.  And like a child that is expecting a gift on Christmas [Read More…]

The Boxer

Dear ones, many of you live your lives like a boxer. But your fight is within, although many of you believe it is out there.  When you wake in the morning is when the fighting begins. Your first punch is what you  seem to be missing in your life, as though anyone can take away [Read More…]

Intimate Dialogue

“Mary and Me: An Uncommon Dialogue in Birthing Yourself”   Are your conditions keeping you from Love? Learn from this E-Book how to remove the blocks that are keeping you from the LOVE you desire. Learn from a intimate dialogue with the Blessed Mother Mary. Just click here and get your copy for $9.99 Mary and [Read More…]

The Beggar

Dear ones welcome back.  There is a wonderful story of a man who was begging on the street.  Everyone who passed him, he begged for money.  And when money wasn’t given to him he became angry, rage filled, and yelled at a passing couple, “I am just a poor man, help me.”  Upon announcing this [Read More…]

December 21st: Love Letter

Dear blessed ones. We are emerging back to our perfect state of being. Which is to say love. Love a is a powerful tool for each you to use now. The way in which you could change the world  is by going into a perfect state of love which is simply to be.  Being sounds [Read More…]

December 20th: A bird

A message to remind you of on this beautiful day.  A bird awakes from its slumber every morning and sings. It expects the best and flies into the sky. It knows its provided for and never doubts nature.    It lives to play. And yet, some of you awake in the morning, and it is [Read More…]