Two can play at this game!

The bewhiskered one believes he has sprung a terrible trap.  Earlier, Team Awesome put a litany of agonizing/humiliating promises on the line in order to gain the support of atheist nation.  Immediately afterward, PZ instructed his minions to throw the match and watch us suffer.  The way PZ tells it, he can now either throw [Read More...]

Don't be fooled by the radio, the TV, or the magazines…

“…They’ll show you photographs of how your life should be.  But they’re just someone else’s fantasy.” Greta Christina, who has seen me at a low point in my battle with anorexia nervosa, sent me an article yesterday.  So often we see models selling us makeup or weight-lifting equipment under the pretense that if we just [Read More...]

Atheist Magic: the Gathering set

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m trying my damndest to have work/life separation.  This means no raging out at religion.  Instead, there will be desperate attempts to cram as much fun into three days as possible! A lot of people liked the MTG cards I put into yesterday’s post, so today I’m going to start [Read More...]

Someone tell PZ Myers that our honor is on the line!

I am a firebrand in the most extreme sense.  Only through single combat and defeat can I become stronger!  I take tremendous pride every morning when I stride through my magnificent lyceum* and take note of the various banners and trophies of battles won.  On the rare occasion I have not thrust myself into the [Read More...]

I can't help myself

At the end of every week, I have to type up my weekly report and send it to my bosses and the board of directors.  At the top of the report is a summary section.  Here is what I just submitted. I returned to town a day late from Rapture Day on account of god [Read More...]

What to sing?

I am heading out tonight to do some karaoke.  As always, the best suggestions on here or via twitter get recorded and posted to the blog. Here are the offerings from last time. Leave your suggestions in the comments.  If you’re a music nerd, I’m a baritone with a performing range of F2 to Bb5 [Read More...]

Holy fuck

So here I was last night, sitting in my evil little atheist lair thinking about what story I could concoct to make religion look bad.  What fantastic lie could I conjure that would slap even the most god-drenched follower in the face and say “if you keep following these people, you are not only a [Read More...]

Greta Christina nails it again

Every time I look up a new article on the way the denizens of Bastrop, Louisiana are conducting themselves I feel like I need to take a shower to get all the evil off.  Fortunately, Greta Christina is made of sterner stuff than I.  She has followed the noxious issue closer than I care to [Read More...]

The perfect mirror

We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no atheists in foxholes”.  It’s a condescending set of words telling us that even though there’s no good reason to believe in god, that atheists will be so scared when in a helpless situation that we’ll hope one exists enough to believe for all the wrong reasons.  Frankly, [Read More...]

Advertise on WWJTD

Got something you’d like to advertise?  Want to help Skepticon 4?  Then let’s talk. My lovely webmistress, Katie Hartman, is looking for people who wish to advertise on this blog for a mere $15/month.  All proceeds will go directly to Skepticon 4.  Just click the image below to make the magic happen. [Read more...]