Polygamy is in my DNA

Guest post by Lizza Jacobs Nelson A few weeks ago after a long day of freeway and hours of listening to the Year of Polygamy podcast, the Boise temple unexpectedly appeared in my windshield, a literal beacon of light in the starless night as it was so often metaphorically explained. Except this time I didn’t feel [Read More…]

How Polygamy Affects Society

As part of our series of guests post, Penelope Lane continues her argument on the harms of polygamy.  If you would like to submit a guest post, contact me at yearofpolygamy@gmail.com Guest post by Penelope Lane In my last post, I detailed the ways in which polygamy (polygyny) harms women and girls. Some dismiss my [Read More…]

How Polygamy Harms Women: A Personal Response

As mentioned before, I am offering this blog as a platform for multiple voices speaking on Mormon Fundamentalist issues. Today, we host a guest blogger Penelope Lane.   By Penelope Lane: I was recently reading an article that laid out why India (even with its large Muslim population) wants to ban polygamy. This is evidently because of the nation’s [Read More…]

10 Things Polygamy Gave Mormonism

Since completing the Year of Polygamy project, (a podcast series where I rely on the works of the top scholars in Mormonism  to tell the history of Mormon Plural Marriage), I am often asked how polygamy affects the LDS church today. Polygamy has shaped the LDS church and Mormonism so much that I still believe the LDS [Read More…]

Other Sheep I Have: Fear

In an effort to show just how similar Mormon Fundamentalists are to, well, Mormons- I will be starting a series on this blog, which I will update now and again. Each time, I will take a different word or theme and ask individuals from different faith traditions within the Restoration to discuss how they experienced [Read More…]

Who Are the Real Mormons?

(This post is taken from notes I used during my UVU talk on April 12, 2016) When the Mormon Saints began their departure from Nauvoo on February 4, 1846 with the intention of heading to the Rocky Mountains, the journey took them to places they couldn’t imagine. It would be a journey that would test the [Read More…]