YIMC Book Clubbers Update!

The honored roll of charter members of the YIM Catholic Book Club has been expanded to eight names by imperial fiat. There’s still time to put your name on the list. No entry fee, no obeisance is required. Just send a comment on either of the first two posts: this one or this one.
(Signed) His Excellency 

The YIMCBC Roll of Honor
Kneeling Catholic
Frank the Jarhead
& Your Ob’d’t S’v’t

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  • Webster Bull

    Add Regina to the Honor Roll!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Webster, just wanted to thank you for adding me to the honor roll-it is an honor. And I just read a book I never heard of that I think you would love. It's called Monsignor Qioxote(I know that's not how it's spelled) by Graham Greene. It was his last book and oh, as a convert and CL member you will get it more than anyone. Like Brideshead he attaches ideas(catholic and otherwise) to characters so you can see how the beliefs are expressed in action. One day can we discuss? Thanks, Regina

  • Webster Bull

    Regina, While reading Orthodoxy, we'll have to discuss the next book. That sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks.

  • Kneeling Catholic

    Hey YIMC!Thanks for the mention! My comments on the first chapter–Chesterton deflates human pride by pointing to God's Providence. A man imagines he is discovering a new land only to find the 'new land' is the land he grew up in! I get this same sense from some of the things you write. It is a conservative bent! It is hard to be 'avant garde' if you believe the Almighty has been faithfully working thru an identifiable human organization for the past 2,000 years. [even before the Age of Aquarius!] Indeed thru the last and only surviving human institution which was witness to its Founder (no Roman Empire, no Sanhedrin).From this perspective, perhaps you see how the 'liturgical wars'– which errupted in the 60's and 70's and 'liturgists' introducing worship foreign to the 1900 years which preceeded– cannot not be a matter of indifference! worshiping as our great grandfathers, and great–great grandmothers should not be shrugged off as a peripheral issue since it is a visible sign of our unity with those who came before us. And eradication of their form of worship is a bold and tangible statement that we no longer believe as they did.k.c.

  • Webster Bull

    Mornin' k.c.! Conservative is a term I would have shunned even 20 years ago. Now I relish it. Maybe it's because my dad died, and he was a conservative (with a heart of gold) but more probably it's that I'm now a Catholic, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Fortunately (?), as a recent convert, I was blissfully unaware of the liturgical wars of my youth, although unfortunately I'm afraid they scared away a lot of god Catholics, some of whom I know pretty well.

  • goodalice19

    AAARGH! Although Webster is chastising himself over his goof on St. Andrew's Feast Day, I, too, yesterday had my troubles. I decided to finally comment on Ch. 2 of Orthodoxy. I have read this book once, which is helpful, as what you may not know, but may have guessed, is that GKC dictated his books rather than wrote them out. His secretary then typed them up and away they went to be published. But it does help when you read him to try to "see" what he is saying, it is almost like a verbal voyage (his boat story in Ch. 1) with GKC as our navigator. My troubles yesterday entailed writing a lengthy post to the book group about the first part of Ch. 2 that deals with madness. GKC is so deep that I have to just take sections and delve then through them. After spending a couple of hours and editing, I previewed and then sent the post. However, it was not accepted due to a technical error, with some long coding as an explanation. I was already late for Mass and thought I would try to send it again when I came back. Alas, again, when attempted, it failed and then disappeared. I love GKC's sense of humor and perhaps my dissection and (somewhat)academic treatment of his words, and then failure to transmit them was a blessing in disguise for the rest of you. But you may not get off that easy on my next post!

  • Webster Bull

    goodalice thanks!And keep the comments coming. As I hope you figured out, I did not reject your comment, it never came through. As for GKC dictating, that's new info for me but not surprising. He does get carried away by the flow of his own verbiage (like I don't, right?), piling one analogy on top of the next until you just want scream, Enough already, fat man! Enough!