Because the Reasons are Beyond Counting

Since August, we have come up with nearly 200 reasons for being Catholic. It should come as no surprise that someone else has been thinking along the same lines, and with a far more theological turn of mind.

Check out Dave Armstrong’s “150 Reasons Why I’m Catholic and You Should Be Too” over at Our Catholic Faith. It’s right here.

What’s your biggest reason for being Catholic?

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  • jan

    Was lucky to be born into the Faith; had a conversion of the soul one Holy Thursday years ago where it came to me that she (the Catholic Church) was the true church and she holds the entirety of The Truth. That's all:)

  • "What’s your biggest reason for being Catholic?"The mystery of the Eucharist, which led to my conversion. And, lately, the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas.

  • izyperspective

    Because I'm a dreamer and love to play, and the Holy Mother Church gives me a huge safety net wherein I can dream and frolic freely knowing I'm safe in her care.

  • The Eucharist keeps me Catholic. Ever since my First Holy Communion at age 8 I have been drawn to Our Lord's presence in this holy sacrament.