Because of Joan of Arc, Again

Because of Joan of Arc, Again February 24, 2010

I don’t know what it is with female saints, but they get to me, Joan of Arc in particular, although I’m reading a biography of Teresa of Avila now, and I’m already hooked. She was one of the first saints to have a devotion to St. Joseph. Priest me no female priests. What other church, what other world religion treats holy women with such high regard?

Fact is, though, this post is mostly a pretext to show off this beautiful retablo of St. Joan by Ann Burt, who has made retablos a personal mission.

Last week I bought Ann’s retablo of St. Joseph, which now hangs inside the door to my office, so that I can greet my patron saint coming and going. I’ll use it to illustrate a future post on San José (St. Joseph to you). I also bought Ann’s version of the Carmelite saint Thérèse of Lisieux so that I can give it to a Carmelite priest who is guest-teaching my fourth-graders in religious education this afternoon.

You’ll find some of Ann’s work featured here on Etsy.

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  • I love it! Sacramentals are an aspect of Catholicism which helps to bolster our faith. Many of my Protestant friends believe these icons are akin to 'graven images.' I often respond to that comment by asking if they have a photo of their grandparents, or even of, say Derek Jeter on their wall… My idea is that if The Jonas Brothers can have a spot on my daughter's wall, then a sacramental better have an even more prominant one! PS: Have you had your sacramental blessed yet?

  • Anonymous

    Webster,This post just made my day – but not because of St. Joan of Arc! Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the Etsy link and my eyes were drawn to the retablo of St. Monica. About ten years ago, my mother suggested I pray to her, as I had a spiritually defiant child. Two years ago, she made the same suggestion after a visit with me, during which my husband had been verbally abusive. Still, I didn't get very far in my research or prayers. Today, because of your blog, I decided to find out what day she is honored: August 27, my wedding anniversary! I'm sold – and will renew my prayers for my family with new vigor. And incidentally, Frank linked me last week to a discussion of St. Augustine's. You are an amazing team! Thank you!

  • Webster Bull

    Great answer to the iconoclasts, Doc! I have not had mine blessed but I will ask the Carmelite priest to do it today. Thank so much!

  • Webster Bull

    @Anonymous, Sorry my replies are out of order. Previous reply was to Mujerlatina!Your comment is the sort of thing that makes this blog worth sticking with. In the old days I would call it pure serendipity; now, the Holy Spirit. Coincidence, too = the work of the Holy Spirit. August 27, imagine!Yes, we are an amazing team! LOL 🙂 and other symbols of joyous pleasure…

  • Wow. Love the Retalbos. Thanks so much for the link.Gonna be a challenge to pick only one for my Birthday present from my wife… 🙂

  • Allison Salerno

    I just msged Ann to see if she can make one of Saint Isidore of Seville, an archbishop who compiled all the knowledge of the western world (making the first encyclopedia) My son Gabriel chose him for his confirmation name – confirmation being in May.

  • Allison Salerno

    I am so excited. Ann msgd me right back and yes, she will do one for us of Saint Isidore of Seville for our son's confirmation gift! My priest's favorite saints include Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure, but I would need to special order those as well. Perhaps I will…Thanks Webster for letting us all know about this artist and this opportunity.

  • Allison Salerno

    Okay, now we are into serious "it's a small world" territory. Ann is friends with the(now)Monsignor who married us in 1993!