Confession: Thanks to Gloria.TV and Archbishop Sheen

Readers of this blog know how much we have been discussing the Sacrament of Reconciliation here lately.  Webster started it the day before St. Valentine’s Day. He followed it up with this post the day after Valentine’s Day and a poll that drew over 250 votes. I threw in this post on Scriptural references to the Sacrament and Webster wrapped the discussion up with the thought that we can’t help ourselves.

Prior to these posts, I had a little fun juxtaposing pop singer Seal with some thoughts from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Completely speculative on my part (for sure) to try making sense of Seal’s lyrics and Sheen’s thoughts. But I ask you, where else but at YIM Catholic would you ever have seen these two linked in a post? Sheeeeesh!

After returning from my daughter’s Girl Scout Thinking Day event, I was pleasantly surprised to see a video of Bishop Sheen speaking on Confession in a post by Padre Steve at his blog Da Mihi Animas. Bishop Sheen’s video is below.  But look at what other treasures there are over at as well. Music clips, news clips, tons more Bishop Sheen clips, marriage tips, etc. It’s almost like a Hulu for Catholics!

I couldn’t keep this resource to myself, but felt compelled to share it with you all. Want a search string on Confession? They have it. I hope you enjoy this and bookmark for Catholic programming available on your schedule.  They have over 306 pages of programming so far, and hopefully more in the pipeline. Here is Archbishop Sheen on Confession:

A hearty Bravo Zulu (well done) and thank you to Padre Steve!

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  • cathyf

    Kind of off-topic, but since Archbishop Sheen started out by telling stories, I thought I'd tell a Sheen story.A friend was part of a committee that organized a talk that Sheen gave. At the reception after the talk, they were chatting. She was about 7 months pregnant, so the upcoming baby was an obvious topic of conversation. He asked her if this was her first child, and she said, no, actually her fifth. He took her hand, leaned in, and said very gravely, "This child is very special, you know. Because every fifth child born in the world is Chinese!"(Ok, maybe that's a joke best appreciated by mathematicians…)

  • cathyf, Archbishop Sheen was quite a card!

  • Can't wait to watch Archbishop Sheen on confession! And many thanks for your welcome to the Church in the post on CSL, Frank.

  • Anonymous

    Frank,Your clip on Bishop Sheen was so timely! The discussion on this blog about Confession (and several wonderful links) inspired me to try and "get it right" to make things right after many years. I did have "an avalanche of sins," to borrow an apt phrase from another commenter here – and had organized them on paper according to the underlying causative sin. I was worried I would freeze up and forget some, so at the last minute I gave myself permission to bring my list in with me. Father's back was to me and it was not difficult at all once I got started. To my surprise, nothing sounded scripted, and I was able to expand on several – without prompting – and to pause and ask questions. One seemed to stump him initially, and it impressed me that he took his time in answering. I did start crying at one point (softly) – and when it was over, he said, "That was a beautiful Confession!" Wow….. The penance he gave me was very thoughtful, a meditation on one of the Stations of the Cross, which was very helpful.Thank you again for this wonderful forum!

  • Anon 7:56,This is joyful news! Thanks be to God.

  • Webster Bull

    Most recent anonymous comment here is the sort of thing that makes blogging worthwhile! Thanks for this comment.