For Your Lenten Friday Night at the Movies

This is your co-pilot speaking. It’s been kinda quiet here at YIM Catholic today. Well, that’s because it’s Lent and Webster and I are cruising at 38,000 feet.  Oh, not literally, but figuratively for the next 38 days. But we haven’t flown the coop completely. We’re still around, but when you are on a long cross-country flight (like the 40 days of Lent) you have to be gentle with the controls so as not to upset the passengers.

We’ll be back soon with something scintillating and insightful. Or prayerful and pertinent. Or maybe we’ll just have a Lenten experience that we absolutely have to share with you pronto. You get the idea. For the time being, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.  Besides, it’s Friday night and here is a sample of your after dinner in-flight entertainment. Enjoy the movie and thank you for flying YIM Catholic Airlines!

Note to bad guy: don’t judge a cup by its cover (wink, wink).

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  • Warren Jewell

    Now, we each must 'choose wisely', that the cup that He gives to us leads to life immortal, glory without end, love without bounds.All hail the King of kings, enthroned on a cross.

  • And, as the grail knight shows, it pays to keep one's sword and armor oiled and polished. One may have to 'be prepared' a longgg time. Cheers

  • @Athos, and as the grail knight shows, don't forget to keep one's body in tune either. I think he gave up on doing the "daily seven" somewhere along the line! ;^)

  • Mary P.

    I watched this last night, Frank! It was a great recommendation for a Friday in Lent. My daughter even watched it with me! Woohoo!

  • Mary P.

    You know, we could cut this 700+ year old night a break on his physical condition. He got one good swipe in, which fortunately Indy was able to dodge…

  • Mary P., Yeah, he got a good swipe in didn't he?!