To Be More, Not Rich

Frank reminded me of some good advice from Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress. When as a blogger you run dry, throw up a video or something. The esteemed Madame A recently posted a scene from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” My taste runs more to the stodgy. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from “A Man for All Seasons.” Each day each one of us gets to choose: to be More or to be Rich.

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  • Sarah Harkins

    LOL! you caught me in the act! I just posted a video about the Presentation of Our Lord for the feast day today. Thanks for blowing my cover.

  • El Bollio Tejano

    One of the best lines EVER of any movie."… But for Wales?" Not sure if you knew that Robert Bolt, who wrote the screenplay for "A Man for All Seasons" also wrote the screenplay for the epic films Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago. At the time he wrote a Man for All Seasons he was not a Catholic. Later in life, after much personal hardship, he found the rock that is the Roman Catholic Church. His last great work was a reflection of his discovery of the missionary history of the Church. Bolt was drawn to this beauty at the end of his life and he wrote the screenplay "the Mission", which would be his last work. The amazing thing about "the Mission" is that it does an excellent job of explaining the history of the suppression of the Jesuits. Even more, this final masterpiece of Robert Bolts shows that the man was fully converted to the Roman Catholic faith. The final scene with the monstrance!!! Amazing…A Man for All Seasons, Lawrence of Arabia, Zhivago, and the Mission. This Roman Catholic convert was amazing!

  • Janet

    The scene where the guy is climbing up the mountain with all his stuff on his back and then the Indian cuts him free when he gets to the top–what a beautiful image of Confession!AMDG

  • Allison Salerno

    @Webster:Today is an example of you keeping quiet? Ha ha!In peace. (but not peace and quiet)

  • newguy40

    "A Man for All Seasons". What a great movie! I saw it when I was ~14 YO. After seeing it the first time, I felt like some one (guess who) had bonked me on me head!Also, The Mission is wonderful, too. Ennio Morricone's sountrack is fantastic!

  • Frank

    Looking forward to YIM Catholic "Night at the Movies"…Sheee-eeesh!

  • Maria

    El Bollio Tejano:Your post was some fascinating information. I was not aware of these facts. A Man for All Seasons, Lawrence of Arabia, Zhivago, and the Mission–all favorites of my Father…The way God works. A true wonder to behold.

  • cathyf

    If we are talking movies, then today of all days I need to put in a pitch for that most religious of not-religious movies, Groundhog Day.

  • El Bollio Tejano

    Maria,You are so right about the part where Robert De Niro's character carries all his armor up the mountain. Clearly forgiveness, but now I see, there is clearly a larger message there. Once he is forgiven, they are ALL overjoyed. Very powerful! Thank you for pointing that out.The overall story of the Mission: "The Suppression of the Jesuits"… is rarely talked about. When I was young, I thought(or assumed) the Jesuits had been suppressed because they were teaching heresy. I have only recently come to find out that that was in error. The Mission does an amazing job of showing what actually happened. The Enlightenment and the Machivellian view of the world had been promoted in England and the Portugese leaders had no desire to have the Jesuits teaching and converting natives. Instead, they wanted to enslave the natives. Keep in mind that the Spanish were forbidden from having slaves very early on by Queen Isabella, and that pretty much held in all Spanish Colonies. This was not the case for the French, the Portugese, and the British. Much more here on the Jesuits, but suffice it to say that they were the leaders in Education, Science, Theology, Missionary work, among other things, and this posed a threat to the state. The states then played their strong hand against the Pope, and he gave in. The Jesuits were suppressed, and their property seized. The Jesuits were amazing at the time of "the Mission" and are credited with converting most of South America. The story of St. Peter Claver SJ, from Northern Spain is perhaps the most powerful and compelling. Pax,El Bollio Tejano

  • Frank

    cathyf: Great movie suggestion. We watched it as a family a few weeks ago. After all, is everyday "ground hog" day in a way?