A Dirty Little Secret (Music for Mondays)

I have a confession to make, a secret to make a Catholic blush. It’s not about what I watch or say or do, it’s about what I listen to. Sometimes! Just sometimes! When I’m out walking and I have Pandora Radio on my iPhone and have my ear buds plugged in, I listen to a wide variety of music. I have a station called Stile Antico Radio (mostly 16th-century polyphony, very Catholic). I have another called Folky Stuff (self-explanatory) and another named for my favorite guitarist, Knopfler Radio. So I listen according to mood. My dark secret?

I also have a station called David Crowder Radio. For those unfamiliar with the man (pictured here), he’s an evangelical Jesus Rocker. OK, there it is, my secret’s out: I really dig loud, soaring Christian Rock. Now, don’t all jump ship at once.

It’s Monday, so open your hearts and let me give you a taste, but beware: It’s habit-forming and pretty soon you’ll be using valuable confession time telling the priest about the sinful joys of Hillsong United, Darlene Zschech, and Third Day.

Let’s kick off this MFM segment with a quiet start from Casting Crowns and “Praise You in This Storm.”

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Let’s kick it up a notch with David Crowder live, singing “Oh Praise Him!”

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Before the big finish, let’s hear from Third Day, with “God of Wonders.”

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Time to put your hands in the air, brothers and sisters! It’s time for music from Australia’s biggest megachurch, Hillsong United. The song is “Hosanna!” C’mon, Catholics, you can say “Hosanna!”

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For just one night before I die, I want to be crazy enough to go crazy in one of these arenas when Darlene Zschech, Hillsong’s diva, sings “How Great is Our God!” Hold me down, brothers and sisters!

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Now you can take me home, Lord, now you can take me home!

  • Allison Salerno

    Hey! That is my dirty little secret too! For years, I have been listening to an evangelical Christian station in the car. Love it. My kids? The older one's tastes run more to The clash. But the little one loves it.Perhaps a blog on how evangelicals strengthen our catholic faith, despite our differences?

  • Anonymous

    Ooooohhhh… I LOVE this music. I love Don Moen and Casting Crowns (have you heard 'Who am I?). The Catholic Charismatic Movement primarily adopted alot of these styles and incorporated it as Catholic Praise and Worship. To be part of a Catholic Praise and Worship that are part of our youth meetings and retreats is just the most wonderful experience – and if it is in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament – out of this world. It is pure worship and it is TO BE in His presence. It's amazing :). You should check out the last World Youth Day theme song too:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwoEU2uVDfw Rose

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11339567399256589250 Carrie Sue

    LOVE all those artists, especially David Crowder and Third Day. To throw a Catholic in the mix of that same style of "worship rock", check out Matt Maher's latest two albums if you haven't already. They're fantastic in every way.

  • http://www.livingaliturgy.blogspot.com michelle

    I had to chuckle a little bit when I read this post. I've always had mixed feelings of the Christian Music industry in general. Sometimes they have good music, but other times the lyrics seem so sappy and ambiguous, like they could be sung to God OR a lover. My husband and I went through our old Christian music from middle school the other day (98-00) which was about the height/explosion of CM. That was rather funny because a LOT of the music is just so BAD :)Having gone to a Baptist college where chapel was required EVERY day, I heard and sang these same songs most days of the week. I probably got a little burnt out. I guess the hard part for me is we were constantly singing these kinds of songs, but a lot of times very few of them had good content. I sometimes felt like I was being conned into a "spiritual state" by the music that was all about me and how I was feeling and not at all about God. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily. But it wasn't until my junior year when I started going to an Anglican church and I truly learned how to worship did singing these songs become more true for me. My favorite Christian artists are DC Talk, Newsboys, Keith Green (from the 70's and 80's), Keith and Kristyn Getty (Irish modern hymn writers), Josh Bales and Ginny Owens. I'm sure there are more, too.I remember hearing a story about the bass guitarist of Newsboys (don't know if it's the current one or not). I guess he was Catholic and someone at a concert or in an interview asked him about "all that repetition" and his response was something to the effect of "I'm a bass guitarist, repetition is what I do." Always loved that.Perhaps not being in chapel everyday has made me appreciate that music a little more now, as I used to be VERY critical of everything we sang in school or church. I just love hymns, most are just so rich. :) Thanks for sharing your "dirty little secret." Mine is probably my Keith Green music. He was very radical in his day, even conservative Christians wouldn't listen to him (I think he might have been pentecostal?). Oh, and another interesting tid-bit is Rich Mullins. He actually converted to the Catholic church a week or so before he died. Apparently his music gets more liturgical in nature towards the end of his career. He converted with a sense of urgency as though he knew we going to die soon. Interesting, no?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11533317405680450964 Mary

    What great music! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.livingaliturgy.blogspot.com michelle

    Also, correction, apparently there's some dispute as to whether Rich Mullins became Catholic or not. He did go through RCIA, though. It's not really that important, but I also don't want to say anything false :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16142633311407145793 Wine in the Water

    Michelle,We call it "My boyfriend Jesus" music. There is a lot of music out there where it seems that people have just swapped God for boy/girlfriend. I seem to remember a Simpson's episode with a contemporary Christian musician on it talking about how a band "went secular." "Turns out, if you just change "Jesus" to "baby" you can use all of the same songs."That said, I listen to way more "AirOne" than I would like to admit. The local hard rock station is getting more an more vulgar and less and less creative and the alternative rock station is trying *way* too hard to be hip. The "positive alternative" stations are nothing great, but they are consistently pretty good.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07578085253331499519 Fr. Gjengdahl

    I can't stand Casting Crowns or Mercy Me, but I do dig the new David Crowder Band album. Excellent music and good lyrics. The problem with most Christian rock albums is that the words are okay, but they lack depth too often and then the music is too often trivial.However, things are getting better with every year, which is encouraging. The new David Crowder Band album "Church Music" is a great leap forward for Christian praise and worship music.With all that being said, I have a bunch of this stuff on my iPhone. I also am a huge fan of Mark Knopfler, the best guitarist out there.

  • Anonymous

    For michelle: I saw one of your favorite groups, (Keith and Kristyn Getty) just last week; an amazingly wonderful concert. You can see them on youtube … link below. They are on a tour across US now, next stop Colorado Springs then on to California.Keith and Kristyn Getty – Still My Soulhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsXMiysZfNQ

  • http://catholicroundup.com Sean McGaughey

    Me too. But it's no secret.

  • Mary P.

    When my kids were little and constantly listening to the radio, my oldest (somewhere around 4th grade) began to humming the tune to Elton John's "The B*tch is Back." Well, it was August, and I knew she couldn't walk into parochial school the following month singing the words to that! So the radio was banned, and my hubby and I invested in a huge selection of Christian artists. I was amazed at the quality as well as the depth of talent there.Rich Mullens was a genius, and I cried when he died. I still play his music. My current favorite is Matt Maher, who I was lucky enough to see in concert, and meet afterwards. He has a real depth to his lyrics, and was great with the kids at the concert. I'm happy to get new recommendations from YIMC!

  • Anonymous

    My secret is out too. I listen to Star radio 99.1 when I am in the car. My favorites Third Day, Newsboys and Casting Crowns.

  • Maria

    I love Matt Maher. Come to the Water and Litany of the Saints/Ora Pro Nobis are two of my favorites.

  • Warren Jewell

    God, save us! At least most of you know that you should repent. That first picture says it all: *"Would I want my daughter to bring THAT into the house?"* I know she might rag me with "But, you should hear what he sings!" to which I'd respond "No, I shouldn't."Of "rock" anything ("R&B;", "blues", even most "pop" which is sappier than a maple forest in spring, "rap" [aka: ugh!] "WHATever") – it is my wonderful good fortune to fail to wish to understand much of what any of them sing. As I get deafer with age, the Lord's mercy means that I have little of these I need hear, let alone listen to. True, some Beatles stuff I liked, being of-age, and I think Journey was the best such band ever, in some of their songs; one or another song from one or another group here or there who actually made sure lyrics were hear-able, clear, clean and, whoa!, nearly poetic.If I must listen to non-'churchy' music, give me standard time-tested classic orchestral, operatic, etc. – named with the word 'opus' in there somewhere. I have longest tended to enjoy my own terrible voice in a Catholic anthem, ancient with me since I learned them as a child. Even when I used to drive goodly distances I did not turn on my radio – I 'hymned', you might say. So, for me, the vast bulk of the rest of who make music can go 'on the road' and stay out there. I don't frequent the dark little taverns and loud bowling alleys where, to me, they would most fit.But, then, I am weird.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09920971697935071513 D’artagnan

    There is tons of Great Christian tuneage out there, most of which doesn't end up on the radio. There have been rumors of Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Catholicism, and check out his wonderful musical nod to the Lord's Prayer on his solo disc ("Your Love is Strong").As a convert, I recently realized how funny it is that protestants will attack Catholic prayer as "Vain and Repetitious", yet have no problem singing "Our God is an Amazing God" for 20 minutes (O:

  • Anonymous

    yes singing songs of praise and worship is repetitious like us catholics praying or chanting.