For Your Lenten Friday Night at the Movies V

This is your co-pilot once again.  It is a beautiful afternoon up here in the cockpit.  Cruising now at only 10,000 feet.  We’re safe from small arms fire, but still within range of SAM’s (Surface to Air missles). Oh I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but as we get closer to the end of Lent, the cross-country flight will draw to a close and we’ll be back to flying sorties over enemy territory. Close Air Support, etc. Ten thousand feet is getting down to where Webster and I usually live. We’ll cruise at this altitude next Friday too.

Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, so Webster has ordered Surf and Turf for this evening’s dinner. Yep, New York Strip grilled to order (don’t ask how we pulled that off) and grilled gumbo shrimp to boot. That will go well behind that Cheeseburger and Cherry Coke lunch we had up here in the cockpit. Caesar salad and your favorite beverages will be on the side.

And for our in-flight entertainment? Becket starring Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton in this fully restored masterpiece. Ever had a buddy who was an enabler, you know, aided and abetted your carousing, etc? If you were King of England, wouldn’t it be cool to appoint your pal the Archbishop of Canterbury? Think of the wacky stunts you could pull if your confessor was your best buddy! That’s what Henry II thought when he appointed Becket as Archbishop. A stunning story of “be careful what you wish for” from both sides of the friendship spectrum.

Enjoy the show, and thanks again for flying with us!

P.S. I Think you can watch the whole thing at You Tube.

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  • If you have a netflix account you can watch it online at no extra cost or through your PS3. Just an FYI.

  • Thanks for the FYI…all aboard!

  • What an incredibly long trailer. I've gotten used to the ones that last 30 seconds, I suppose.Anyway, can't wait to pick up my friend tonight and tell him we're eating out after the Stations. I don't know about a movie – all the tv's will be tuned to basketball games…

  • Yeah, they don't make trailers like this anymore! The film won the Academy Award for best screenplay and had 11 other nominations.

  • cathyf

    Hey, speaking of incoming SAM fire, I was thinking of you yesterday, Frank. We took our girl scout troop to the National Guard Armory for a field trip. We got to use the electronic firing range, and I fired off an anti-tank weapon.(You should have seen our kinders in body armor!)

  • Fire for effect!

  • Maria

    Frank: O'Toole and Burton are still without peer. Great movie! Musings from Thomas a Becket…"Many are needed to plant and water what has been planted now that the faith has spread so far and there are so many people… No matter who plants or waters, God gives no harvest unless what is planted is the faith of Peter and unless he agrees to his teachings". "Remember the sufferings of Christ, the storms that were weathered… the crown that came from those sufferings which gave new radiance to the faith… All saints give testimony to the truth that without real effort, no one ever wins the crown". –Thomas Becket

  • James

    Good call Frank. This adaptation of Anouilh's play (aptly subtitled The Honor of God) is magnificent. The chemistry between Burton and O'Toole is compelling and driven by a script true to the superb language of the play. The film deserved every award it received. As noted above the competition with March madness is pretty stiff but maybe I'll re-watch my copy this week-end.

  • My Bruins aren't in the Show this year, so I am watching this movie instead. I have never seen it before.

  • Anonymous

    Frank, I was introduced to this movie by my junior history professor. One of his greatest lectures was on the life and death of St. Thomas â Becket. It was one of his greatest lectures, and I still remember it some twenty plus years later!My professor later shared his copy of the VHS of "Becket"; and I watched it at home with one of my cousins. At the end, my cousin and I looked at each other and said, that was one of the best movies we had ever seen. I was 17 and he was 21.The story of Thomas â Becket was so powerful to me that I named my son after him.

  • No, the Kingdom of God must be defended like any other kingdom. Gentlemen, it is a supreme irony that the worldly Becket , the profligate and libertine, would find himself standing here at this moment. And here he is, in spite of himself. But the king, for good or ill, choose to pass the burden of the Church on to me. And now I must carry it. I roll up my sleeves and have taken the Church on my back. Nothing will ever make me set it down again.Powerful!