For Your Lenten Friday Night at the Movies VI

10.000 feet still? What the heck just happened! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be alarmed. The last time I spoke to you I had said that we would be cruising at 10,000 feet again this week. Instead Webster and I had to land this puppy due to a fire warning light on our starboard engine.

How’d you like the landing? Webster and I really get a kick out of carrier landings (and take-offs too)! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW! Oh, and one of the ground crew took a video of our landing too.  Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

Wow, look at that horizon move.  Ain’t this grand! What’s that? Pass the Dramamine?! You mean you’re not interested in tonight’s meal selection? But Webster checked with the galley here on the good ship Abraham Lincoln and they have prepared a cornucopia of Lenten feast selections for the crew (and now us too)!  Seriously, the whole mess is opened for us with everything from Grilled Swordfish Steaks to Fish Tacos, and all points in between. Webster and I are on flight status so we can’t imbibe, but we hear the slop-shute is open to the rest of you.

As the crack ground crew chases electrons to track down the gremlin that set off that fire warning light, the other aviators on Ol’ Abe have set up a screen in the ready room so we can all enjoy tonight’s movie selection together.  Guess what? It has a Navy captain and a nun as the lead characters! How appropriate! Yep, The Sound of Music. Webster is giving me some guff because he knows I never saw this movie until 2002 (hush—wait until he finds out I’ve never seen A Man For All Seasons!) Anyway, here is the trailer, and thanks again for flying YIM Catholic Airlines!

YouTube Preview Image

  • Janelle

    The Sound of Music is a favorite in our house. Especially of my younger brother's.

  • Michelle

    As a kid I used to watch it, then rewind it and watch it again. Definitely one of my absolute favorites. I still listen to the sound track. :) I love when the nuns high-jack the Nazi's vehicles. Classic.

  • Frank

    After watching fully for the very first time, I was thinking to myself what a dope I'd been for thinking I "knew" I wouldn't like it. It's a great movie!

  • Allison

    It is a beautiful movie and it portrays the catholic church in a wonderful light.

  • Maria

    Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could, so somewhere in my life or childhood I must have done something good…This has always been one of my favorite songs from the movie–it is movie perfection. How I loved this as a child and love it still. Still in love w/ the Benedictines. I saw the stage play at National Theater in DC w/ my family. My father was overly fond of singing How Do you Solve a Problem like Maria. A little history of the Abbey for Sound of Music lovers–Nonnberg Abbey (where part of the movie was filmed) is the oldest female convent north of the Alps. It has been in continual existence since it was founded in the year 714 A.D. In the course of its history the abbey was destroyed by fire several times, but it was always rebuilt by the rulers of the city and the church. Today's building was erected in the early 16th century. The wooden gothic altar by the sculptor Veit Stoss is especially worth seeing. It is located in the St. John's Chapel near the gate. After graduating from college, Maria Augusta von Kutschera took a train to Salzburg to present herself as a candidate for the novitiate of the Benedictine sisterhood. After serving as a governess outside the abbey she and Baron von Trapp married in the Abbey Church in 1927. the film: The Abbey on the Nonnberg is significant both for the real Trapp story as well as for the movie. The Sound of Music scenes shot here include the opening part where the nuns go to mass and Maria returns too late. The performance for the song "Maria" was staged in the courtyard of the abbey. The children came to the abbey´s gate to ask Maria to return to their home (see picture). The escape scene, with the cars parked outside the Abbey gate, was also shot in the original spot.

  • kris

    This is one of those movies as kids my sisters and I couldn't wait to see the once a year it was on, we really looked forward to it and sang along! (Remember the days you actually had to wait for your favorite movies yearly appearances?) Our high school just put it on as their spring musical and my girls loved it! The kids in the show did a great job.