The Bat is Out of the Bag

OK, that didn’t take long. Our big announcement scheduled for 0500 hours on Sunday has already been scooped—by commenters, by EWTN, by Fox News—golly, the whole world knows. Someone even preempted our press schedule and posted a picture in the column to the left. (Who could that have been?) Yes, Allison Salerno, a.k.a. Batgirl, has joined the YIMC team, making us an unholy trinity. We thought we’d share our first official team picture:

  • ductapeguy

    Awesome. Congratulations Allison!

  • Laurie?

    KAPOW!! THWAPPPPP !!! ZLONK!? Riddle me this ?Name me a column, not steel, stone, or wood–that supports and uplifts as a sturdy one should?

  • Frank

    The posts at YIM Catholic?

  • Allison


  • Maria

    Lovely photos–but where is the Holy Face of Jesus in this montage?

  • Laurie

    @FrankYup.@AllisonCongrats! Happy writing. :)@WebsterNice team.


    Muy interesante! Felicidades Equipo YIMC.

  • Maria

    The baby Jesus is way at the bottom. Should not the Christ Child have star billing?


    @ Maria: I think this metaphor is apt, especially in this epoc of anti-Catholicsm. I want Batman, Robin and Batgirl on my 'team' as defenders of our Faith. The blogoshere (the new media) needs a team-approach can only aide us in keeping the Christ Child at the center of our lives.PS: How ironic. My spam word is 'PIEDAD' — which meas "Have mercy on us" in Spanish!

  • Stefanie

    Welcome to the Bat Cave, Allison!

  • Maria

    I was not referencing batman pictures…

  • Mary P.

    Congratulations, Allison!

  • Ann B

    Congrats to all of you guys/gal! Looking forward to many awesome and grace filled blogs. You go girl!!

  • Allison

    It's really a privilege to be able to share my thoughts on faith with others on this blog. I have learned so much reading and connecting with folks here. I don't feel qualified to be a "Catholic blogger." These two guys are so prepped and enthusiastic and well read.Although I am a cradle Catholic, I was very poorly catechized in my childhood, did not spend a lot of energy on my faith until I was married, and am far from an expert. Often, I am an ocean of ignorance about things Catholic. But I have learned to be unafraid to ask questions.

  • Webster Bull

    @Allison et al,The only thing that qualifies any of us for this blog is our daily experience as Catholics. That's why I chose this from John Henry Newman as Words to Blog By: “I mean to be simply personal and historical: I am not expounding Catholic doctrine, I am doing no more than explaining myself, and my opinions and actions.”Each of us, Catholic or not, is a witness to everyone else. Our thoughts, our actions, our faith can be witness here, nothing else. Nothing else matters.